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    These days, it’s common to find a garage door in every house in Tigard.

    The convenience that comes with having a garage door allows homeowners to have it installed into their homes.

    Not only is a garage door convenient, but it also provides security like no other such as protecting your vehicle, belongings, and your property.

    However, issues pop up with all garage doors.

    When you spot early signs, it’s essential to find a reliable garage door repair in Tigard.

    You may have to shell out on repairs, but the risk is worth it.

    In fact, it’s more expensive if you neglect the problem.

    Just imagine the consequences it will bring if you don’t address the problem with your garage door.

    For this reason, we have provided some of the common signs when to get garage door repair services in Tigard.

    Read more to find out.

    The Garage Door Bounces Back Open

    If your garage door bounces back off the ground, it could mean a problem with the garage door motor and other parts.

    Once you notice this problem, it’s best to stop using the door right away.

    Then, schedule a garage door repair in Portland, such as Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

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    The Garage Door Opener Does Not Respond

    One of the crucial components that allow for the movement of the garage door is the opener motor.

    If it’s becoming unresponsive, there might be problems with the control, antenna, or remote.

    To be sure, call a reliable garage door expert to inspect if some components are damaged.

    Intermittent Response from Door Opener

    An intermittent response from a garage door opener indicated a failing garage door.

    In most cases, it can come from remote or antenna problems.

    However, if the situation comes to worse, you might need an opener replacement.

    The Garage Door is Pausing Randomly

    If you have an automatic garage door, then it has sensors installed.

    These sensors detect any obstruction blocking the way.

    Thus, you won’t have to worry if your garage door suddenly opens when your dog is on the way.

    However, if your garage door is moving randomly, there might be more significant issues on your sensors that require a professional inspection.

    The Garage Door is Misaligned

    If you start seeing misalignment at the bottom of your garage door, call us since some parts such as cables and springs need repair or replacement.

    Besides, you must avoid replacing the cables or springs by yourself to prevent injury.

    The Garage Door is Shaking

    If your garage door is shaking during the operation, it might have dirty or obstructed tracks.

    In the worst case, your garage door might have a failing lifting system.

    In this case, it’s better to inspect the issue by a professional.

    The Garage Door Squeaks or Creating Excessive Noises

    The sound coming from your garage door is normal, especially when it’s moving.

    However, the noise should be minimal and bearable to hear.

    If your garage door is creating persistent noise such as cracking or squeaking, it most likely needs repairs.

    Probably the springs, motor, or hinges are worn-out.

    Another factor that could lead to a noisy garage door is a damaged motor.

    Unfortunately, a motor eventually fails when it’s past its lifetime.

    On the other hand, you can deal with a damaged motor by replacing it.

    However, if the motor replacement does not solve the noise, simple lubrication will do the trick.

    Corroded parts can produce noise when not adequately lubricated.

    Check the hardware parts, such as hinges, springs, tracks, rollers, and cables.

    Spray the corroded parts with a silicone-based lubricant.

    If the noise comes from a damaged spring or cable, make sure to leave them be.

    Only professionals can handle these parts since they are under extreme tension and are connected with other parts.

     Warped Panels

    A warped garage door panel may be a cosmetic issue.

    However, this cosmetic issue will affect other parts if neglected.

    If the warp is extensive, you need to leave the job to a professional to replace the panel for you.

    Rely Garage Door Repairs With Beaver Garage Doors Portland!

    If you notice the warning signs above, make sure to call Beaver Garage Doors Portland!

    Our team is committed to providing you with high-quality service.

    After all, we want your garage door in good shape.

    Whether you want a garage door installation in Portland or garage door repair in Tigard, call us!

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