Garage Door Making Noise

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    Reengaging Your Garage Door

    Does your garage door release unusual noise when it’s operating?

    If yes, there must be a problem within the system and you should diagnose it quickly before it gets worse.

    A garage door making noise could be a result of uneven tracks, rusted springs or hinges, or there is debris in between the parts.

    The noise is a symptom of a deteriorating garage door that’s why it must be resolved right away.

    There are different ways to diagnose and repair a garage door making noise.

    But in order to make it right, you should call a garage door expert for an accurate diagnosis and repair.

    Luckily, Beaver Garage Doors Portland specializes in fixing noisy garage doors.

    You can call us anytime if you have queries about the matter.

    And to enlighten you more, here is everything you need to know about noisy garage doors.

    Common Reasons Why My Garage Door is Making Noise

    Diagnose the problem in your garage door by thoroughly looking for the signs and carefully listening to the kind of noise it is releasing.

    To inspect properly, here is a list of what you should check for the reason why your garage door is making noise.

    1. Old and rusted garage doors – when your garage door is old enough and has served you well, the loud noises are pretty normal; and it only means that you need to either renovate your garage door or replace it already.
    1. Insufficient lubrication of the hinges and rollers – a regular lubrication of all the moving metal parts must be done in order to avoid corrosion between two metal parts.
    1. Loosen Bolts and Nuts – The bolts and nuts in the tracks must be properly fixed so that it won’t easily come off and make loud noise like screeching when the door is operating.
    1. The Door is Off-Track – the garage door is unusually louder when the tracks are not fittingly in place; and this kind of issue is preferred to be fixed by a professional technician.
    1. The Garage Door Opener is Damaged – a badly damaged opener (e.g. loose chain or belt) contributes in making rattling sound; an expert must be called to fix this issue.

    How to Eliminate Unusual Noise from my Garage Door?

    Garage door making noise is a common problem that can be easily fixed at home.

    If you are handy enough and follow these simple steps; your garage door will operate at its best condition again.

    Always TURN-OFF OR DISENGAGE YOUR GARAGE DOOR OPENER before doing some DIY garage door repairs.

    You can call a professional technician to do the repair for you if you are hesitant.

    Nonetheless, here are some simple fixings you can do to reduce the noise coming from your garage door.

    1. Schedule a Maintenance Tune-up – the number one activity you can do to prevent your garage door from making unusual noise is to have regular check-ups where you thoroughly inspect the parts, find early signs for damages, and fix it promptly.
    1. Lubricate the Moving Metal Parts – as mentioned, lubricating the mechanical parts must be done regularly and properly to make sure the springs won’t snap, and prevent the metal parts from corroding.
    1. Examine the Opener – if you can’t find the problem on the garage door itself, the issue must be in the opener.

    To avoid this, you can conduct an inspection of the opener by looking over the chains or belts and see if they got loose which usually cause rattling or slapping sound.

    If the chains are intact yet the opener still produces noise, you can apply lubricant for a remedy.

    However, calling a garage door expert is preferable for a thorough inspection.

    1. Clean the Garage Door Parts – when cleaning the garage door, the metal parts and small corners are often neglected thus, the debris piled up causing rattling sounds.

    You can use a brush with medium-size bristles and carefully remove all the debris in-between the parts and corners to intensively clean your garage door and prevent loud noises.

    Call a Garage Door Expert to Fix the Noise Permanently

    Let Beaver Garage Doors repair your noisy Garage Doors.

    While it is possible to handle the situation on your own, troubleshooting noisy garage doors by a professional technician is way better because we can diagnose the main causes and fix them promptly.

    As an owner, you would want the noise to be eliminated permanently and the best way to do that is to call our team to perform extensive garage door repair.

    You can trust your garage door with us because we have licensed, well-trained, skillful technicians.

    And in the event that you will be needing a new garage door, we also offer high-quality garage door installations with wide-range of choices in designs, structures, and materials; as well as updated security systems and sensors.

    Call Beaver Garage Doors Portland now to permanently fix your noisy garage door!

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