Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need To Know

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    Commercial Garage Door Repair and Installation

    Springs are a crucial part of a garage door because they carry much tension as they are responsible for storing energy to lift the door lightly.

    Plus, a heavy garage door pushes down on load-bearing springs as it closes thus; it creates tension on the springs.

    For this reason, springs on a garage door must be durable and well-maintained because they should work for about 10,000 cycles.

    However, no matter how durable a garage door springs are; they still suffer through small issues of wearing and tearing due to the daily tension they experience.

    Sometimes these issues cannot be seen by the naked eye hence, hiring a professional garage door expert to conduct an inspection is essential to know if the springs have damages.

    Luckily, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland includes garage door spring repair in one of their high-quality garage door services.

    It is important to take care of these springs to prevent costly replacements or garage door installation.

    Thus, we are here to guide on what you need to know about garage door springs repair.

    And for more details, you may reach us through a call!

    What are the two types of garage door springs?

    There are two types of garage door springs: the torsion spring and extension spring.

    It is easy to differentiate the two springs even though both springs have almost the same function which is to assist the door from opening and closing lightly.

    However, extension springs, which are long and thin, are usually wind at the bottom part of the door vertically.

    Meanwhile, torsion springs are found in the top part of the garage door horizontally.

    Plus, torsion ones are bigger than those which are fixed on a metal rod next to the door opening.

    Signs that you need Garage Door Spring Repair

    It is critical to learn and look after the several signs of a broken garage door spring.

    In this way, you would know when to call a technician to conduct a garage door repair.

    Here are the signs that you need a spring repair:

    • Loose or broken cables
    • Off-balanced garage door
    • Loud noises such as banging
    • Speed problems
    • Heavy-to-lift garage door
    • Huge and visible gap on the spring
    • The door doesn’t close properly
    • Jerky motion

    First thing to do when the garage door spring breaks

    Normally, there is a loud noise coming from the garage door when the spring breaks.

    And the first thing you need to do is to steer clear away from the door.

    Make sure that no children or pet animals can go near the door to avoid unwanted mishaps.

    Next step is to take a visual inspection and call a professional technician.

    Allow the technician to do prompt fixings at your house to mitigate broken garage door springs.

    How much does a garage door spring usually cost?

    There are several DIY garage door spring repair or replacement tutorials on the web but we still recommend seeking a professional technician to fix your garage door for a sure and safe repair.

    The average cost for a garage door spring repair is about $249 USD.

    The expenses can be as low as $150 USD or as high as $340 USD.

    You may think that it is too expensive, but having garage door repair once in a while will prevent your door from suffering in the long run.

    The spring replacement usually takes an hour and a half, depending on the type, size and number of springs to be replaced.

    Where is the best garage door spring repair in Portland?

    The Beaver Garage Doors Portland has the best garage door spring repair in Portland.

    We have a wide selection of size and type of brand new garage door springs thus, you can ask for replacements as well.

    Having a repairman who can handle the replacement is a practical move.

    Particularly when the springs are in older models and badly damaged because those have high tendencies to fall apart and cause small explodes of the parts that may harm you

    In Beaver Garage Doors, we have skillful, licensed, and talented technicians who can deal with any broken springs.

    Aside from that, we offer garage door parts repair, replacement, and installation at a reasonable price.

    Give us a call!

    We are 24/7 available in Portland, ready to assist your concerns!

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