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    Regular use of a garage door means that it’s no wonder that it could get damaged eventually.

    While it may be alarming to encounter a faulty garage door, you don’t need to worry.

    Some damages are minor that require minor fixing.

    However, there are times that these damages might need professional help.

    That’s why it’s essential to keep your garage door in working condition to prevent this from happening.

    If you want to keep your garage door in good shape, we have rounded up some of the maintenance tips for you.

    However, if everything’s too late and you’ve been noticing problems with your garage door, we will also give you an idea of signs to watch out for.

    Maintenance Tips

    Before you call for a garage door repair in Gresham, let’s take a look at what you can do to prevent damages in the future.

    1. Conduct a General Inspection and Check-up
      You should look for dings, dents, cracks on every part of your garage door, including the weather seals.
      Check the bottom and sides of the door to ensure that external objects won’t penetrate.
    1. Check the Hardware
      Next, check the hinges, springs, cables, drums, and other hardware parts to operate your garage door.
      Make sure they are free of rust and wear.
    1. Look at the Door Tracks
      Tracks should not be misaligned or bent.
      Also, check the rollers to ensure they’re still working.
    1. Replace the Remote Batteries
      If the opener fails to respond to your remote, then check the batteries and replace them.
      Make sure to do it once a year.
    1. Lubricate the corroded parts
      Hinges, springs, rollers, tracks, and other metal-made components are prone to rust.
      Apply a silicone-based spray to them to ensure a smooth movement on your garage door.
    2. Clean Your Door
      If your garage door looks dirty, then it’s time for a cleanup.
      Use a gentle soap or detergent and apply it to the soft cloth to clean the door.
      Also, avoid using a power washer to prevent the paint from chipping off the door.
      Finally, rinse everything with clean water using a hose.

    Reasons You Need A Professional Garage Door Repair in Gresham

    You’ve done the maintenance, and you’ve spotted some problems with your garage door.

    Now, this is the time you need a garage door repair in Portland.

    Here are the signs to look for you need a professional service:

    The Door Won’t Open or Close

    If you’re having difficulty operating your garage door, it is an obvious sign that it is damaged even after you’ve pressed the buttons on the wall panel or remote.

    Some of the causes are disengaged plugs or locked garage doors.

    There could also be more significant problems such as broken circuits, off-track doors, or damaged springs.

    Either way, let Beaver Garage Doors Portland do the inspection and repairs. Call us if you’re in Gresham.

    Noisy Door

    It’s normal to hear noise from your garage door. However, some noises need repairs, such as:

    1. Rattling: Loose rails or chains
    2. Squealing: Out-of-balance garage door
    3. Banging: Damaged panels
    4. Grating: Bent coils
    5. Grinding: Poor lubrication of the hardware parts
    6. Straining: Inadequate horsepower or faulty opener
    7. Rumbling: Loose springs

    Off-Track Garage Doors

    A garage door is moving up and down smoothly along the tracks using the rollers.

    When the garage door gets old or damaged, there are times that it can be dislodged from the tracks.

    As a result, your door won’t open or close properly.

    Call us to inspect the problem with your garage door if you’re encountering it.

    If left ignored, off-track doors could lead to damage on other moving parts.

    Sagging Garage Door

    A garage door should move evenly along the tracks.

    It’s vital to perform a balance test once or twice a year to check if the door moves sideways or sagging.

    It also allows you to check if the garage door stays in place.

    However, if the garage door is off-balance, there might be problems with the springs, rollers, or tracks.

    Schedule an appointment with our team in Gresham so we can fix whatever is causing your garage door to sag.

    Rely on our team in Gresham!

    Performing upkeep to your garage door is crucial to keep it in good condition.

    However, problems are inevitable, especially for garage doors.

    Once you notice your garage door is not performing as it used to, call Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    Aside from garage door repair in Portland, we also offer garage door installation in Portland if the damages on your door are beyond repair.

    To be sure, let us inspect your garage door, and we’ll see what we can do about it. Call us now!

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