Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Garage Door Motor Repair Service

    A motor is an electrical device that operates a garage door automatically.

    It is a vital component since you don’t have to open or close the garage door with a motor manually.

    Because of this, it’s crucial to keep it in good shape if you don’t want to find yourself operating the door manually.

    Hence, we will guide some of the motor maintenance tips and call for a garage door motor repair.

    Check the Garage Door

    Before starting the maintenance and check-up with your garage door motor, ensure that your door is working correctly.

    Check the hardware parts of the garage door and see if they rust.

    If they do, spray them with a silicone-based lubricant.

    Then, pay attention to the track alignment, the tightness of screws, and the chains.

    This step will allow you to ensure that your garage door is moving smoothly along the tracks.

    Next, see to it that the springs are in good shape since they can affect the performance of the motor if they’re damaged.

    If you see damaged springs on your garage door, call Beaver Garage Doors Portland for a replacement.

    Do the Basics

    As with all inspection-related things, never skip the basics.

    When it comes to the motor, it means checking the switch and the adjustments.

    The garage door motor is connected to a power outlet and works via remote control.

    See if the power outlet is plugged and switch it on. Then, remove and connect the outlet again.

    Then, wait for fifteen minutes before opening the garage door to allow the motor to cool off.

    Otherwise, it could result in an excessively hot motor that could jam the garage door system.

    Also, activate the lock feature of the garage door.

    To do it, check the instruction manual of your garage door.

    Fix Remote Control Problems

    If the garage door motor is not responding to the remote control, then it means you need to check your remote.

    Make sure the batteries are new and functional.

    Otherwise, you need to change the batteries.

    If changing the battery doesn’t work, buy a new remote control compatible with the motor.

    Then, use it if the garage door motor responds to it.

    If all else fails, maybe your remote needs reprogramming.

    Refer to the user manual to reset the settings.

    Realign the Sensors

    If the garage door only opens but does not close, take a look at the alignment of the sensors.

    If they’re not aligned, adjust the screws around the photo eyes.

    Also, clean any dirt or dust that could affect the line of sight of the photo eyes.

    Lastly, check the sensors’ wiring if it is connected to the motor unit.

    When to Seek Professional Help

    After you’ve done the maintenance tips above and you’re still encountering a faulty motor, then consider reaching out for a garage door repair in Portland if:

    1. The garage door stays open but won’t close.
      If a garage door does not respond to the commands while the motor is operating, maybe it’s time to replace it.
    1. The garage motor is noisy.
      Most modern garage doors operate pretty quietly.
      Reach out to us for a garage door motor repair if you begin hearing noise such as rattling, creaking, and squeaking.
    1. The garage door operates sluggishly.
      All garage doors move at certain speeds as part of their safe operation.
      However, when you notice your garage door is moving slower than usual, the motor is not providing energy to operate the garage door.
      On the other hand, this problem could also mean a damaged spring or cables that are affecting the motor.
      Make sure to check the problem with us to spot the cause of the problem.
    1. The motor is less reliable.
      An aging motor may overheat and would not function well.
      If your garage door is starting to operate intermittently, this means it’s time to replace your motor.
    1. The motor is old.
      If your garage door is beyond its life, then it could be less reliable and efficient in operating the garage door.
      Not to mention, it could also affect the safety and security of your garage door.
      Make sure to buy a new one and install it with a reliable garage door installation in Portland.

    Leave the Repairs to Us!

    It’s essential to upkeep a garage door motor ensures a smooth operation and safety to your home.

    If it’s showing signs of damage and faulty operation, call Beaver Garage Doors Portland for a garage door motor repair.

    We will serve you any time of the day. Call our staff in Portland to schedule an appointment with us!

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