Garage Door Motor Repair Service Costs in Portland

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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    A malfunctioning garage door motor can cause a significant inconvenience to your daily routine. The costs of repairing a garage door motor vary widely depending on the motor type, service type, and location. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive table detailing the costs associated with various garage door motor types and repair services in Portland.

    Garage Door Motor Types, Repair Services, and Costs

    Garage Door Motor TypeService TypeCost (In USD)
    Chain DriveReplacement$150 – $200
    Chain DriveRepair$100 – $150
    Belt DriveReplacement$200 – $300
    Belt DriveRepair$120 – $200
    Screw DriveReplacement$150 – $250
    Screw DriveRepair$100 – $200
    Direct DriveReplacement$250 – $350
    Direct DriveRepair$150 – $250

    These costs include the labor fee but exclude the cost of the replacement parts.

    Why Choose Us to Repair Your Garage Door

    Here at Beaver Garage Doors, we specialize in delivering top-notch garage door repair services.

    • We are renowned for our high quality and affordable garage door repair in Portland.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between a chain drive and belt drive motor?

    A chain drive motor utilizes a chain to push or pull a trolley that moves your door. It’s reliable, but can be noisy. A belt drive, on the other hand, uses a belt instead of a chain, making it quieter but slightly more expensive.

    How long will it take to repair my garage door motor?

    The time it takes to repair a garage door motor depends on the severity of the issue. However, most repairs are completed within a few hours.

    Can I repair my garage door motor myself?

    While you can perform minor fixes, it’s always recommended to hire a professional for any major repairs or replacements. This ensures safety and the longevity of your motor.

    What’s included in the repair cost?

    The repair cost includes labor charges, transportation, and inspection fees. However, it doesn’t include the cost of replacement parts if they’re needed.


    Every homeowner wants a smoothly functioning garage door motor. It’s an essential part of your day-to-day operations. When you need a repair, it’s vital to find a reliable, affordable, and efficient service provider. Our team at Beaver Garage Doors is here to offer garage door motor repair services that you can depend on.

    Whether it’s a belt drive or chain drive, our team is equipped to handle all your garage door motor needs. For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your garage door motor repair is just one call away!

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