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    Garage Door Repair Services and Costs in Beaverton

    There are many things in life that feel unbalanced, but your garage door shouldn’t be one of them.

    That’s because an uneven garage door might leave gaps between it and the garage floor.

    Is there anything more unattractive than a skewed garage door?

    Although dealing with an uneven garage door is inconvenient aesthetically, as a homeowner, you should be aware that it is a sign of technical deterioration that should not be overlooked.

    As a result, repairing that garage door and correcting the imbalance should take precedence.

    Be proactive and call Beaver Garage Doors Portland to help you save time and money by preventing bigger, more expensive problems with your garage door.

    Our skilled specialists can handle any job, whether it’s a large repair, a replacement, or a minor patch.

    In addition, we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with significant and urgent garage door issues.

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    We could even be able to save you money and make your checkbook balance simpler.

    What Causes Your Garage Door to Be Uneven?

    The garage door is most likely the largest door in your house.

    However, no matter how large it is, if it is not correctly leveled, it can be as good as dead.

    Is your garage door closing unevenly or appearing to be out of balance?

    Below are some of the causes that could explain why you have an uneven garage door.

    1. Broken Torsion Springs

    A torsion spring that has snapped is the most prevalent cause of this problem.

    The weight of the door is sustained by one torsion spring more than the other in an unbalanced garage door.

    This results in unequal tension in the springs on both sides.

    Your garage door becomes unlevel as a result of this.

    1. Damaged cable

    You may be wondering: the springs are not broken but why is my garage door uneven?

    A damaged cable is another reason for a misaligned garage door.

    Your garage door is lifted and lowered by the cables and springs working together.

    However, your garage door may become out of alignment if your cable snaps, wears out, or is damaged in any way.

    Additionally, a broken torsion spring and a snapped or damaged cable may occur simultaneously.

    1. Problems with Rollers

    Despite the fact that the springs and cables are in good shape, why is your garage door still closing unevenly?

    Other parts of your garage door, such as the door tracks and rollers, should be taken into consideration.

    Examine them; they could be responsible for your garage door’s unevenness.

    1. Uneven Tracks

    Finally, if your springs, cables, and rollers are all in good working order, you may want to inspect your garage door tracks.

    Garage door rollers follow a structured course, ensuring that the door is properly aligned.

    But, misaligned tracks prohibit a roller from completing its “travel”.

    To put it simply, a roller will begin rubbing against the track’s edge, causing it to stop before reaching its destination.

    How to Fix an Uneven Garage Door?

    If you believe your garage door is broken, you should not try to repair it yourself.

    We highly suggest not to attempt to repair an uneven garage door on your own because it usually indicates a problem with the springs.

    Adjusting garage door springs is difficult and risky.

    Torsion springs have a lot of energy since they can lift a garage door that weighs hundreds of pounds.

    If it snaps while you’re trying to replace it, you might be seriously harmed.

    Plus, there is a potential that the door will collapse on you or cause you to fall from a considerable height while you are working on it.

    As a result, only a qualified and certified specialist should complete this task.

    Professional garage door specialists will be familiar with your garage door’s components and  will know how to safely repair the problem.

    Safe and Reliable Garage Door Services

    Call a professional as soon as you see that your garage door is closing unevenly.

    Regarding this matter you can rely on Beaver Garage Doors Portland than trying to fix your uneven garage door by yourself.

    Our team is dependable and efficient, and we will get your garage door up and running as quickly as possible.

    We also provide a comprehensive selection of garage door services to meet your needs.

    Reach out to us and schedule a service today for any garage door repair in Portland.

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