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    A malfunctioning garage door is something you should take action on once it happens.

    The best way to deal with this kind of problem is to schedule an appointment with a trusted garage door repair in your area.

    If you’re in Portland, you’re in luck – Beaver Garage Doors Portland will repair your garage door efficiently and quickly.

    We only employ experienced and trained technicians to repair any types of garage door problems – cable repair, spring repair, replacement, and many more.

    At Beaver Garage Doors Portland, you no longer have to worry about your faulty garage door.

    We will arrive at your house according to your desired schedule. Then, we’ll repair your garage door once and for all.

    Our Garage Door Repair Services in Portland

    A broken garage door is a usual occurrence to homeowners in Portland.

    It can happen at the most inconvenient times – during the day or even at midnight.

    There are times that it happens when you’re about to go to an appointment.

    While a broken garage door is common, you must do something about it once it occurs.

    Fortunately, garage door repair services are rampant nowadays.

    If you live in Portland, you don’t need to hesitate to approach Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    Our technicians make sure to give you a high-quality service that you’ll keep coming back to us once you need us.

    We offer many services that deal with any type of garage door problem, including:

    Panel Replacement

    A bent or broken garage door panel mostly happens by accident.

    For example, when you try to park backward towards your garage door, you accidentally hit the panel.

    When this happens, we tend to ignore it.

    However, a broken panel affects other parts of your garage door, leading to a compromise in the safety and security of your home.

    Because of this, you need to fix your panel right away, though we don’t mean to do it on your own.

    For a guaranteed high-quality panel replacement, contact Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    Garage Door Maintenance and Tune-Up

    One way to maintain your garage door in good condition is to have it inspected regularly.

    After all, regular maintenance will help spot minor problems that could potentially escalate into more significant problems.

    Some of these minor problems are corroded components, misaligned tracks, and minor damage on rollers.

    Hence, we understand that we need to provide maintenance services at a reasonable rate.

    In this way, you can save money on expensive repairs in the future.

    What’s more, our team is licensed and experienced enough to check all areas of your garage door.

    Damaged Springs

    Repairing a broken garage door is dangerous for you and your family if you attempt to do it independently.

    Because of this, we at Beaver Garage Doors Portland will fix your garage door springs without you doing anything.

    We have a proven track recording in giving quality services and repairs, including fixing springs.

    Don’t fret whether you have an extension or tension spring.

    Our personnel knows how to deal with both types of springs.

    Thus, you don’t need to worry if we can repair your springs or not.

    We only promise our high-quality results, promptness, and excellent customer service.

    Faulty Rollers

    Beaver Garage Doors Portland is the garage door repair in Portland you can trust, especially when you’re dealing with faulty rollers.

    Faulty rollers will prevent your garage door from running smoothly.

    Hence, you need to replace them once it gets damaged.

    While you want to do it yourself, we don’t recommend it.

    The reason is, we don’t want to compromise your safety when executing the job.

    In fact, only professionals can replace a roller successfully without compromising the safety of you and your family.

    Fortunately, a faulty roller repair is one of the many garage door services we provide.

    If you want a quote, it’s free. Don’t hesitate to call us.

    Broken Cables

    A cable is one of the heaviest components of a garage door.

    Once it is damaged, you’re risking yourself and your family of safety and security.

    A damaged cable means that your garage door might suddenly slam, damaging your car or hurting your loved ones.

    At Beavers Garage Doors Portland, we prioritize your safety.

    Our garage door repair experts will arrive at your home quickly to inspect your cables and do what is necessary to fix them – a repair or replacement.


    A garage door hosts many benefits – it guards your home against potential theft and burglary.

    It also protects your vehicle and other storage equipment.

    Hence, once you notice there’s something terrible with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call Beavers Garage Doors Portland.

    We will perform what is necessary for you, whether a repair or a garage door installation in Portland.

    Call us now for a garage door installation and repair in Portland!

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