Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    and it gives you enough space to store your large equipment and other valuables.

    A garage serves its purpose when it has a durable and functional garage door.

    And it’s hard to leave your valuables inside when your garage door starts to malfunction because it may attract burglars.

    Plus, damaged garage doors may also cause unwanted accidents.

    That’s why proper maintenance must be done at least twice a year to prevent damages or breakage in your garage door.

    In Beaver Garage Doors Portland, we always recommend our clients to have a checklist.

    Now, what is a Garage Door Maintenance Checklist?

    It is a list of things you need to do for your garage door to preserve its function and shape.

    If you still don’t have a Garage Door Maintenance Checklist, we have this 5 easy-to-do list that you can follow!

    Clean your Garage Door Regularly

    Washing your garage door periodically heightens its curb appeal and prevents it from having rust.

    Use an all-purpose cleaner and a rug to clean the tracks, panels, and other parts of the garage door.

    Just make sure not to wet the door’s opener for your own safety of not being electrocuted.

    When you are cleaning, don’t forget to dust off the small debris between the tracks because that dirt often causes screeching and scratches.

    Moreover, wipe the windows and panels carefully to remove the rusts and achieve a shiny, brand-new look facade.

    You can wash your garage door every time you are going to clean your car.

    You can also take the time to clean and declutter the whole garage so that the area won’t be prone to dust.

    Remember that the more often you clean, the more you maintain the garage door’s condition.

    Apply Lubrication on the Moving Parts

    Part of cleaning your garage door is the lubricating of the mechanical parts.

    When you lubricate the tracks, rollers, and other metal parts, you extend the life of your garage door because it lessens the tendency of wearing out.

    Use a synthetic lubricant or non-silicone based lubricant for the metal parts.

    You can pour an ample amount on a non-absorbent rag then thoroughly wipe it on the metal parts such as hinges, locks, metal rollers, and etc.

    Note that you should not apply lubricant on the nylon rollers or else the door won’t come in contact.

    For the tracks, simply use a brake cleaner and a cloth.

    Do the lubrication step at least twice a year for a smooth operation of the garage door.

    If you don’t know what type of lubricant you should apply, you can contact us – Beaver Garage Doors for professional advice.

    Take a Test Operation and Observe the Garage Door Parts

    Troubleshooting is the key to prevent further damages in your garage door.

    On this part, you will need to check how your garage door works and it is best to do this before the weather changes so you won’t be in shock of abrupt breakage.

    Here are four steps you can follow in inspecting your garage door.

    1. Observe visually the front and back of your garage door and check if there are dents, blisters, or permanent stains/rusts.
    1. Open and close the Garage Door and listen carefully for loud noises such as screeching, banging, or squeaking.
    1. Check the weatherstripping and see if you notice tears or rips that may cause gappings.
    1. Open your garage door halfway (manually) and observe if it’s balanced or not.
    1. Turn off the automatic opener and inspect the mechanical parts to see any signs of wearing or damage.

    When your garage door is facing any problems with dents, loud noises, uneven door, or worn-out parts; do not hesitate to call garage door experts to look into the damage.

    In terms of torn weatherstripping, seek a professional to repair the seal so you won’t experience unwanted drafts or uncomfortable temperature inside your garage.

    Test the Garage Door Opener and Change the Batteries

    A faulty opener can bring inconvenience as you go to work.

    Test the operation of your opener in order to see any malfunctioning and provide a solution right away.

    Here are four simple steps to guide you in inspecting your automatic opener.

    1. Test the remote and replace the batteries if it’s not working.
    1. Inspect the motor gears and check if there are signs of deterioration in the belt or chain.
    1. Observe the light bulb that sends signals as you open the door; and replace the bulb if it’s not working.
    1. Check the wires if there are cracks or tears that may cause dangerous sparks.

    Another tip is to have backup batteries, wires, bulbs, and remotes so that in case of emergency, you are ready to fix and replace it.

    Schedule an Appointment for Garage Door Maintenance

    One of the biggest perks of having a personal garage door technician is you can always call them for a professional inspection and repairs.

    If you are based in Portland, the Beaver Garage Doors have the most dependable technicians that you can rely on.

    We also offer several Garage Door services to meet your maintenance checklist.

    Here are some of the services that we have:

    • Garage Door Repair
    • Garage Door Installation
    • Tracks Adjustment
    • Lubrication of the Moving Parts
    • Panel Painting
    • Troubleshooting software and hardware problems

    For more details, you can reach us anytime of the day for we are open 24 hours in 7 days.

    Call Beaver Garage Doors Portland for a high-quality and affordable garage door servicing and maintenance!

    Having a garage is so convenient because it prevents you from parking your car outside,

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