What Are Garage Doors Made Of?

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    How To Open Garage Door Manually

    A garage door is indeed a beautiful piece of technology that helps to alleviate the stress of life in a variety of ways.

    Having your own garage door provides you with a great deal of convenience and luxury.

    But, have you ever sat and thought to yourself, “What are garage doors made of?”

    Perhaps you’ve considered it, or perhaps you haven’t.

    But, honestly, what difference does it make which garage door you have?

    Well, garage doors are far more significant than you may realize.

    They not only act as a barrier between your property and the outside world, but they also satisfy both your aesthetic and practical needs.

    As it can be vulnerable to wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, and accidents, it will be beneficial to select the right type of material for your garage door.

    In other words, a well-considered pick might assist you in managing your money.

    At Beaver Garage Doors Portland, we will provide you with wide selections of garage door materials and types.

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    What are garage doors made of?

    Choosing the correct garage door material necessitates a balance of functional, financial, and aesthetic concerns.

    Fortunately, you have a wide range of materials and styles to choose from, so finding the right door for any occasion is typically not a problem.

    The following are a range of materials available for garage doors, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

    Here are the answers to the question, “what are garage doors made of?”.


    Wood is the most luxurious of garage door materials, with a warm, traditional appearance that sets it apart from metal counterparts.

    It provides unrivaled durability and natural insulation, in addition to its lovely aesthetic look.

    Moreover, wood doors add a sense of elegance to any home’s façade, but they’re expensive and require a lot of upkeep.


    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • With good insulating properties
    • Durable
    • Will not rust


    • Most expensive material
    • Necessitates a lot of upkeep
    • Possibility of decaying or rotting


    A steel door is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a typical garage door.

    It is probably because the most prevalent material for garage doors is steel.

    It is quite adaptable and long-lasting, and it comes in a variety of price ranges.

    When buying for a steel door, the gauge is an important consideration.

    The thicker the steel is, the lower the gauge.

    When combined with quality insulation, your steel garage door will function at its best.


    • Solid
    • Customizable
    • Different price ranges
    • Low maintenance
    • Insulation is possible


    • Prone to rust
    • Susceptible to dents


    Fiberglass, though it does not make up a large fraction of the garage door industry, might be a good choice for individuals searching for a light yet sturdy door.

    Fiberglass is a great option for those who live in moderate climates, especially around the seaside.

    Because fiberglass is not made of metal or wood, it does not rust or rot like its competitors, making it a good choice for places with a lot of moisture.


    • Exceptionally light
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Not affected by moisture
    • Customizable
    • Can be used to imitate wood


    • Not commonly used nowadays
    • Over time, may turn yellow
    • Prone to breaking
    • Inadequate insulation
    • Tilt style limited to one piece
    • Not ideal for cold climates


    Aluminum is yet another popular garage door material.

    It is relatively lightweight and has similar properties to steel, however it is more prone to denting.

    With glass panes, aluminum frame doors look excellent and may be used in a number of applications.

    An aluminum frame door will help you maximize natural light and provide a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor environments.


    • Lightweight
    • Contemporary style
    • Effective in both indoor and outdoor settings
    • Customizable
    • Practical solution for wide doors


    • Prone to denting
    • Not resistant to rust
    • Not well insulated

    Beaver Garage Doors Portland offers an extensive selection of garage doors materials and types

    Ideally, the garage door material that is right for you is the one that best matches your needs.

    To better understand your garage door needs, it is best to speak with a garage door specialist before installing a new garage door or replacing an existing one.

    Beaver Garage Doors Portland will make sure your door matches your preferences and exceeds your expectations.

    We provide a comprehensive range of garage door services, from garage door installation to garage door repair in Portland.

    Before you make your big decision, give us a call and hear all the facts.

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