How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    Opening your garage door manually can be taxing because you will have to exert more effort to pull or slide the door.

    Thankfully, most garage doors now have automatic openers where you can send signals to, and it will automatically open your door.

    Even if you are far away from your garage door, you can instruct your opener to function using a remote device.

    However, openers still have potential to act up and experience glitches especially when it is not properly maintained.

    Radio interferences from other devices also have a role in slightly delaying the transmission of signals.

    It is normal to have these range problems with your garage door opener but there are ways to eliminate them and improve the reception.

    The Beaver Garage Doors Portland have skillful and talented technicians who can assist you in enhancing the reception of your garage door opener.

    We also conduct garage door repairs in Portland and so, we can perform prompt fixings when we inspect your opener.

    But to save you from costly repairs, here are some helpful tips on how to improve garage door opener reception.

    Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Have Low Reception

    There must be a problem with your opener when the garage door basically malfunctions when you are trying to open or close it.

    The signs of malfunctioning include:

    • Reversing of the Door;
    • Garage won’t fully close;
    • It responds slowly or doesn’t respond at all to your signals.

    Learning how these bad reception activities occur will guide you on how to deal with it.

    So here are the common reasons why your garage door opener has poor range.

    1. Interference 
    • When your garage door is surrounded by electrical components, there is a chance for interference to occur.
    • This happens when your remote sends signals to the opener with the same frequency as the other electronic device nearby and it emits the sent signals causing an “interference.”
    • The example electrical components that can potentially cause an interruption are: lights (LED or fluorescent), phone cables, alarms, sprinklers, generators, battery chargers etc.
    1. Poor Batteries 
    • This is a common reason why opener malfunctions because most homeowners neglect or forget to change their batteries.
    • Remote batteries can last from 3 to 5 years and beyond that, they lose power.
    • You should also watch out for damaged batteries with leak or corrosion because this affects the remote’s setup.
    1. Worn-out Remote
    • When the remote is made of cheap materials, too old, or you always drop it; there’s a possibility that it will lose its signal range.
    • There is a problem with the remote when it looks dull and there is an unusual flickering of the light indicator.
    1. Outdated Frequency 
    • Old garage doors have one fixed signal frequency which attracts hackers more interference.

    Guide in having Better Reception for your Garage Door

    Having poor and bad reception is inevitable but you can avoid these problems by learning ways to improve them.

    Here are some easy helpful tips which you can practice at your garage door by yourself.

    1. Check the batteries and have extras
    • Replacing the batteries is the easiest and fastest way to enhance your opener’s reception.
    • And having back up batteries is a clever way to be ready in case your current battery malfunctions.
    • However, you still need to be smart about what type of battery you should buy.
    • Make sure it doesn’t have defects and your extras should be kept in a safe container.
    • We suggest that you seek professional advice before buying the products.
    1. Change the frequency monthly or twice a month
    • Garage doors nowadays have features where you can change the remote’s frequencies.
    • You can check the user’s manual for instructions or you can also call us so that we can assist you.
    1. Turn off or remove electronics that have been causing interference 
    • By turning off all the electrical components near your garage, and opening them one-by-one; you can check which device is causing an interference.
    • As you open each, try sending signals to the garage door and see if the electronic component is causing an obstruction.
    •  If yes, you can move that component away or turn it off.
    1. Check the Antenna and Sensors
    • Make sure that the antenna is properly placed, hanging down the operator, and has a clear pathway for receiving signals.
    • Clean the antenna and sensors as well because there might be dirt or spider web that’s blocking the transmission.
    1. Upgrade your Remote Control
    • You can buy a new remote device that has updated features to improve the reception.
    • You can ask technicians to check your garage door opener to see its strength and what type of remote control would fit.

    Call Beaver Garage Doors for Installing Antenna Extension

    Many homeowners choose to install antenna extensions to improve their opener’s reception.

    However the process can be complicated if you have no background about the garage door systems

    We recommend that you call our garage door installation service in Portland to have a high-quality and safe installation.

    And if you are looking for products to improve the reception of your opener such as batteries, you can look over our wide-selection of garage door essential components.

    Book us today to enhance the reception of your opener and for a more convenient and smoother way of opening your garage door.

    We can also perform troubleshooting so that you can eliminate any small issues your garage door has.

    You can reach us anytime as well because we are open 24/7!

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