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    Did you know that having a clean and well-structured garage door is an investment?

    Yes, a wide and tall garage door enhances the curb appeal of your home thus, it can affect the rate of your house in the future when you think about selling it.

    Oppositely, malfunctioning and deteriorating garage doors can reduce the house’s worth.

    Now, the question is how can we maintain the condition of your garage door at its peak?

    The answer is by having a regular garage door tune-up!

    A tune-up is where you schedule an appointment with garage door experts to look into your garage door and conduct diagnosis and simple repairs for the seen damages.

    This activity is recommended to conduct at least twice a year for better operation.

    And if you are looking for a Garage Door Tune-up in Portland, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland is a reputable company that serves consistent and high quality tune-ups.

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    But for now, allow us to introduce comprehensively how Garage Door Tune-Ups works.

    What is a Garage Door Tune-up?

    A garage door tune-up is basically a process where professional technicians come into your home and conduct a special visual inspection and maintenance services to examine the door’s condition.

    This process is simply like a check-up for garage doors to diagnose some small damages and repair them quickly.

    There are several reasons why you need to schedule a semi-annual tune-up.

    To know more, here are some listed signs why you should book a tune-up appointment:

    1. To detect Unusual Noises, Broken Hardware parts, and worn-out weather strips,
    2. To practice preventative maintenance,
    3. Enhance the curb appeal by having the chance to clean the garage door, re-apply painting, and/or renovate the structure/design,
    4. Increase the longevity since the regular maintenance will prevent your garage door from deteriorating.
    5. Less chance of garage door suddenly crashing down especially during shifting of season.

    A regular tune-up will surely prevent the garage door from sudden collapse.

    And if any issues arise during the tune-up, do not hesitate to call authorities, experts, or technicians to accommodate your concerns.

    Garage Door Tune-Up Services

    Every time you use your garage door, there is a slight chance that the parts will be stretched and wear out; especially when you open and close it on a daily basis.

    That’s why tune-up services are so important to avoid further damages to your garage and save you from costly repairs.

    And we understand how important it is for you to know first what are the services included in Garage Door Tune-Up.

    Thus, here is a specific list of the services we offer in Beaver Garage Doors Portland:

    1. Inspection of the hardware parts

    We will check if there is any sign of wearing, breakage, or loosening on the springs, rollers, tracks, and other parts of the garage door.

    Upon checking, we can also conduct prompt garage door repair for the small fixings.

    1. Lubrication of the Moving Parts

    You can lubricate your own garage doors, but it could be dangerous if you are not handy enough.

    Seeking help from an expert will save you some time and prevent accidents.

    Assuring you that the lubricant we use is brand new and with good quality.

    1. Testing the Door’s Balance

    On this part, we can diagnose if the door is off-track.

    We can also do the adjustment if we have found that the door is not balanced.

    1. Garage Door Opener Testing

    Of course, the door’s opener is included in the service.

    Here, we can troubleshoot interference and test if the sensors are working.

    We also offer garage door installation if you are thinking about replacing your opener into an upgraded one.

    1. Quick Repairs and Dent Removals

    Our tune-up services include a prompt fixing for the items found with minimal issues like loose hinges or small dents on the panels.

    Those are some of the services included in our Garage Door Tune-Up.

    We also offer free tips and advice on how to take care of your garage door.

    So feel free to contact us anytime with your concerns and queries!

    Established and Safest Garage Door Tune-Up in Portland

    Beaver Garage Doors Portland is a reliable, well-established Garage Door Company in Portland that has successfully performed several garage door tune-up services.

    You can trust your garage door to our licensed, well-trained, and talented professional technicians in conducting an effective and safe check-up.

    We guarantee that our company is certified and have fulfilled all the safety requirements needed to execute a reliable preventative maintenance for garage doors.

    Call Beaver Garage Doors Portland today to bring back the brand-new look and lengthen the lifespan of your garage door.

    We are open 24/7, so call us at your convenience!

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