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    Commercial garage doors are known for their large-scale size, powerful engines and ability to function several cycles in a day.

    For this reason, commercial doors are commonly used by business industries for product transactions and storing bulks of goods.

    However, a sturdy and high-functional commercial roll up garage doors undergoes tension and stress due to its usage.

    Using it on a daily basis is bearable but the door must be maintained to avoid wearing or tearing of the parts.

    Thus, learning the different garage door services available will help you in providing the proper care and support to preserve your garage door.

    To help you with that, here is an article regarding the benefits of having Commercial Roll Up Garage Door Services in Portland and how you should maintain it.

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    Benefits of having Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors

    Commercial roll up garage doors are essential in business industries.

    They offer several benefits, especially the modern ones with updated features.

    That’s why it is important to invest in such a type of garage door for a longer business run.

    Here are the following benefits:

    1. Provides excellent insulation
    • Commercial roll up garage doors have better material of metal and foam that works as insulation to regulate the temperature inside.
    • It’s an energy-saving feature because you don’t need to purchase equipment to protect your goods from bad weather conditions.
    1. Has solid security
    • We understand that commercial garage doors are often used for storing important business products.
    • That’s why it has heavy-duty protection to prevent thieves or wild animals from breaking in.
    1. Protects insides from outside noise and other elements
    • Most commercial garage doors have double seals on the edges.
    • This provides a sound barrier to avoid vibration and overcrowding the insides of your storage from the noise outside.
    1. Takes minimal space
    • The roll-up garage doors are easy to operate because it doesn’t take so much space.
    • Plus, you can consume the whole space of your garage since the door just rolls up and down when operating.
    1. Can function many cycles in a day
    • Lastly, commercial garage doors can perform a maximum of 90 cycles per day.
    • It was built for heavy usage especially for manufacturers that require continuous transactions.

    Why do I need Maintenance Service for my Commercial Garage Door?

    As needless to say, garage doors are one of the first things people see in your property.

    More than that, you almost need it every day as an entryway of your own vehicle or for business transactions.

    A sudden damage in the middle of a run is frustrating because it can cause delays or unwanted accidents.

    Therefore, we understand the necessity of having maintenance service for commercial garage doors.

    Now, what is a maintenance service?

    It is when you conduct a check-up, cleaning, and repairing of small issues for your garage door.

    You can do it by yourself but hiring professional technicians is better for more accurate diagnosis and maintenance.

    For more details, here are the following reasons why you need maintenance service for your commercial garage door.

    1. It improves the security
    • Commercial garage door services include inspection of the opener.
    • This will help in troubleshooting small issues in the opener to enhance the security system .
    • By checking sensors or changing the frequencies, you can avoid interference or thieves trying to hack your system.
    1. Increase the value of your place
    • There are services such as dent repairs or re-painting of the panels where the appearance of your garage door can be renovated in a simple way.
    • By cleaning the garage door, you can also make its look more appealing and valuable.
    1. Saves you from costly repairs or replacements
    • Through inspection of the parts, you can be aware of the wear out springs of hinges, misaligned tracks, or broken rollers – this will alert you to seek technicians to conduct garage door repairs.
    • In this way, you can prevent your garage door from worse damages that require expensive repairs or replacements.
    1. Lessens risks of accidents
    • A neglected garage door that undergoes a lot of stress has a tendency to crash down suddenly and cause unwanted mishaps.
    • Therefore, conducting regular maintenance will guide you in finding out unobvious issues and repair them quickly to lessen the risk of danger.
    1. Gives access to technicians for prompt repairs
    • Regular maintenance should not be done by yourself alone.
    • There are professional technicians who can examine your garage door and conduct prompt fixings to mitigate the issues.
    • With this, you will have easy access to technicians in times of emergency garage door repairs.

    Schedule an Appointment with Beavers Garage Doors Portland

    You should book Beavers Garage Doors Portland for your garage door needs.

    We are well-educated about the specifications and system of commercial roll up garage doors hence, we can provide all the services they need.

    Our services include:

    • Commercial garage door tune-up
    • Lubrication of the moving parts
    • Inspection and repair of the motors, tracks, and rollers.
    • Cleaning of garage doors
    • Troubleshooting garage door opener
    • Dent and off-track garage door repair

    We understand that this type of garage door requires more attention as they function several cycles in a day.

    So call us today for high-quality commercial roll-up garage door services in Portland!

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