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    The garage door is complex hardware that we use every day.

    We open it to park our car and close it when we go off to work.

    Then we use it again once we return home from work.

    Not to mention, our spouse uses it to get the vehicle out of the garage to take the kids to school.

    Due to frequent usage, it is a wonder how a garage door lasts.

    Despite how it can withstand frequent usage, it can eventually fail in time.

    If your garage door is failing, don’t hesitate to call Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    Call us if you need a garage door repair in Hillsboro.

    When You Should Call for a Garage Door Repair in Portland and Hillsboro

    You’re probably wondering when you should call a garage door repair in Hillsboro and Portland.

    Hence, we will look at things when things go wrong with your garage door:

    Broken Springs

    Springs are under extreme tension and pressure.

    If one breaks, you’ll notice a loud banging sound in your garage door.

    When it comes to damaged springs, they should be replaced by professionals to ensure a correct installation.

    Broken Hardware

    Hardware parts such as hinges and screws are prone to damage.

    If it’s only a single hinge, then it’s easy to do the repairs on your own.

    On the other hand, you might need help from a professional if we’re talking about multiple hinges.

    Bent Panels

    Panels weigh a lot.

    However, despite the heaviness, they might get bent and warped due to unforeseen accidents.

    A DIY repair is not recommended. To safely replace panels, it’s best to leave the job to a professional.

    Broken Rollers

    If the rollers have visible damage and no longer turn, replace them right away.

    Moreover, be careful when replacing the rollers.

    This is to avoid bending the door track or causing damage to other garage door parts.

    Because of this precaution, it’s best to rely on an expert.

    Damaged Weather Seals

    Weather seals protect your garage door from external elements such as water, insects, or small animals.

    When they get damaged, your garage is exposed to these elements and won’t have insulation.

    Fortunately, you can replace damaged weather seals on your own, especially if it’s on the sides or under the garage door.

    Call a garage door installation in Portland if you need to replace the weather seals between the door panels.

    Dings and Dents

    When you spot dents and dings on the garage door, you might be tempted to use a plunger to get them out.

    However, if these dents are deep, you need to replace the panels and upgrade them into a new garage door.

    Damaged Automatic Opener

    Automatic openers compose of moving parts and electrical wiring.

    If you have a damaged automatic opener, it’s better to rely on a garage door technician to do the repairs to be safe.

    Benefits of a High-Quality Garage Door Repair

    If your garage door is malfunctioning, it’s better to have it checked by a garage door professional.

    In this way, you’ll ensure that your garage door is working in good condition.

    Furthermore, these are the benefits when you rely on the repairs to a professional:

    Prompt and High-Quality Service

    Professionals, especially Beaver Garage Doors Portland, know how stressful it is to have a failing garage door.

    That’s why we know how important it is to provide a service that is quick and top-notch.

    With us, you can guarantee a fully-functional garage door, along with our promptness in responding to your requests.

    Expect a Better Insulation for your Garage Door

    Aside from repairs, we also offer extra features to add to your garage door.

    If you want your garage door insulated, we can install it for you.

    After all, we’re not an expert in garage door installation for no reason.

    Whether you want your garage cooler in summer or warmer during the winter, we will install insulation material for your door.

    Expect a Stronger Garage Door

    It’s essential to have a durable garage door to stand up to extreme weather conditions in Hillsboro.

    If your panels are failing, we recommend installing a new garage door.

    We will recommend and install a durable door for you.

    Expect a Safe and Secure Garage Door

    It’s crucial to repair any damages detected on a garage door.

    In this way, you’ll be securing your family and property from potential threats.

    We’ll inspect your sensors, opener, and other parts if they show signs of damage.

    Then we’ll fix and replace the items that require attention.

    Say Hello to a Fully-Functional Garage Door!

    Regardless of what type of garage door problems you have, we will fix them for you.

    Reach out to us if you’re in Hillsboro. We will dispatch our team once you contact us.

    Schedule an appointment with Beaver Garage Doors Portland now!

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