How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Replace Rollers on Garage Door

    Have you ever been trapped outside your garage door because the opener won’t function?

    You must be so frustrated being in that situation especially when you are in a hurry.

    Most garage doors nowadays have built-in automatic opener, however it doesn’t always function perfectly as we anticipated.

    Moreover, an opener relies on a power source and so, when an outage comes; the opener won’t work as well.

    That’s why these garage doors have manual release cord that can be used for emergencies like your automatic opener won’t work or there is a power outage.

    It’s important to know how this manual cord works so in case of emergency, you can be ready!

    And we, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland, are here to guide you on how to open the garage door manually from outside.

    This procedure requires skills and proper precautions in order to execute the process correctly and safely.

    So if you are hesitant to do the work alone, you can call us for a reliable garage door repair service in Portland!

    Safety Measures to Remember

    Opening a garage door is not an easy job and there are certain risks that could put you in danger.

    It’s important to remember and practice these safety measures before, during, and after the process of opening the garage door to avoid unwanted accidents.

    By remembering these safety precautions, you can also achieve the correct way of opening the garage door manually.

    Here are the following precautions:

    1. Make sure to disengage the garage door opener and turn off the power source.
    • When the door is opened as well as the power; there is a chance that the opener will try to move the garage door which can put you into danger.
    1. If your garage door is open, don’t try to close it using the manual cord.
    • When the door is stuck open during a power outage and you want to close, it is best that you wait for the power to come back or call a technician for an instant repair.
    1. Don’t leave the damaged garage door unattended!
    • Make sure that there is someone looking over the garage door whether it is open or closed particularly when the opener has been disconnected.
    • Keep away children and pets as well for their safety.
    1. Secure the door using the manual lock.
    • Every garage door has a metallic manual lock that is durable enough to keep the doors shut and protect the valuables from burglars or invaders.
    • Slide the lock in place and call for an emergency repair.
    1. Observe for more issues and Call a technician
    • When there is no power outage yet the garage door won’t open; there must be a problem with the opener or its components.
    • Contact a professional technician right away to fix the issue for good.

    Process of the Opening the Garage Door Manually

    The process of opening the garage door manually is very simple.

    But before that, prepare a sturdy stool and find the key to open the lock of the emergency release cable.

    When you are ready, here are the following steps:

    STEP 1: Find the emergency release kit located at the center top of the garage door.

    STEP 2: Unlock the emergency release cable using the corresponding key.

    STEP 3: Take out the lock tumbler to see the cable which is responsible for allowing the door to be in manual mode.

    STEP 4: Pull down the release kit and you will see another lock next to a handle, use its corresponding key to unlock it then twist the handle vertically.

    STEP 5: Now, you can pull the garage door upwards with your hands.

    Make sure that the door is steadily open and doesn’t shiver before getting inside or parking your vehicle.

    Also, close the door after using it for your home’s security.

    Call an Expert to fix your Garage Door Opener

    In the event that you open your garage door manually because the opener won’t work; do not forget to contact a technician to perform a tune-up.

    It is necessary to know the real cause of the malfunctioning so that technicians can repair it immediately and the issue will not happen again.

    You can count on the Beaver Garage Doors Portland for an accurate diagnosis and prompt fixings of your damaged garage door.

    Call us today if you are in need of an urgent garage door repair in Portland!

    Our customer service staff is always ready to accommodate your concerns.

    We are open 24 hours every day!

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