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    It is really inconvenient when you are using your garage door but it suddenly slows down while operating.

    Usually, we often neglect the slowing as long as the door is still working but it becomes irritating in the long run.

    A garage door moving slowly can cause delays and annoyance especially when we are headed to work.

    As an owner, you would want a high functioning speed operation coming from your garage door.

    Thus, it is important to seek professional advice on how to deal with such issues.

    The Beaver Garage Doors Portland is always open for queries about garage doors and their issues.

    If you are looking for a comprehensive explanation about garage door repair, you can always count on us!

    Our customer services are well-known about the common and unusual garage door defects we experience, more intently with a garage door that sluggishly moves.

    Continue reading this article to enlighten you on garage doors with speed issues.

    Common Causes of a Slow-Moving Garage Door

    Although it is hard to diagnose a garage door with a speed issue, if you carefully pay attention you will notice the difference between the normal pace and slower pace operation.

    Take note that residential garage doors usually open or close in about 12 to 15 seconds.

    Meanwhile, commercial and oversized garage doors take longer but garage doors that took more than 20 seconds before completing its cycle probably have an issue with its operation.

    And here are three factors to consider why your garage door is moving slowly.

    1. Old Age – a garage door that is functioning more than its projected years, could have worn out springs and broken parts that cause the slowing down of the opening and closing.
    2. Reception Issues – sometimes the opener is causing the issue because of problems such as: interference, obstruction on the sensors, minimal horsepower, or low battery of the remote control.

    Check your automatic opener as well as the manual to see what changed.

    1. Poor Application of Lubricant – when the tracks, rollers, or hinges were poorly lubricated, it causes stress and rust on the parts which eventually slows down the process.

    When one of these reasons is present in your garage door, seek professional advice on how you should deal with them to prevent worse issues.

    Helpful Tips to Improve the Pacing of your Garage Door

    It’s more common for garage doors to act sluggish and you can do some of the fixings by yourself especially if you’re handy.

    The number one remedy to a slow-moving garage door is lubrication.

    The process of lubricating is when you apply a chemical product that mainly contains grease and generously spread it on the metal parts of the garage door.

    The metal parts such as tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs are the particular ones that must be lubricated properly to see evident improvements on the functionality of your garage door.

    Here is a step-by-step instruction to correctly lubricate the items:

    1. Disconnect the garage door opener to avoid being electrocuted.
    2. Make sure that the garage door is closed.
    3. Clean the metal parts by wiping the grease and grime around the tracks, brackets, hinges etc.
    4. Pour a few drops of the lubricant or penetrating oil on a non-absorbent cloth.
    5. Then, step into a ladder to reach the metal parts and apply the product properly.

    Make sure to wear goggles and mask for safety precautions.

    After doing the process of lubricating, you can open and close the door a few times to evenly distribute the oil.

    On the other hand, issues on the opener settings could also cause the door to operate slower.

    It is not well-known, but the opener actually has speed settings that can be accidentally switched and adjust the rate into a slower pace.

    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the settings accurately.

    1. Find the switch within the opener’s housing behind the access panel.
    2. Use a ladder to reach the panel and remove it by pressing tabs located on the side of it, then tip it up or down.
    3. When you remove the panel, you will see a screw which is responsible for the speed setting.
    4. Use a flat-head screwdriver to adjust the speed.

    Additional reminders as you do this process:

    • Use goggles, a hard hat, and gloves, for safety precautions.
    • Remember to switch off the opener first to avoid being electrocuted and other mishaps.
    • And read the opener’s manual for more elaborated instructions.

    Let Beaver Garage Doors Portland handle your Garage Door Issues

    Even though you can potentially diagnose and fix a garage door moving slow; seeking professional help is still much more preferable.

    In Beaver Garage Doors Portland, you can accurately eliminate and troubleshoot what causes your garage door to move slowly.

    With just one call, you can experience our professional garage door repair services open for all major brands of garage doors.

    Moreover, we have a wide selection of brand new and high-quality garage doors if you are planning to replace the old one.

    This also comes with an excellent garage door installation performed by our skillful and talented technicians to achieve better durability and security.

    Call us today so we can discuss all of your garage door concerns!

    Our line is open 24/7 where our staff will gladly assist you and answer all your questions.

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