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    A garage door won’t be conveniently to use without an automatic opener.

    Nowadays, modern garage doors are built with an opener for an easy-to-operate function.

    With an opener, you don’t need to go down the car to open the garage because you can easily push the button on your remote.

    Plus, you don’t need to lift the heavy door with your arms.

    Installing a garage door on your own is possible, but can be difficult and dangerous when you are not an expert or handy enough.

    It is best to look for a professional garage door technician so you can save yourself from the laborious task.

    If you are living here in Portland, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland offers the best garage door installation.

    We can also do repair and replacement if your opener is facing one.

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    And to enlighten you more, here is a simple guide to everything you need to know about Garage Door Opener Installation.

    Upgrading or Replacing my Garage Door Opener

    Are you thinking about changing your garage door opener?

    If yes, here are the signs that you should look into.

    Aside from quieter door operation, a new and updated garage door opener has a lot to offer than you think.

    1. Safety Reverse Mechanism

    The automatic reversal system was only updated in 1993.

    Thus, most garage doors before then didn’t have this type of system.

    The safety reverse mechanism is a feature that uses two sensors to detect any object, child, or pet that accidentally passes through under a closing garage door

    The door stops moving and reverses direction when the sensor detects something.

    This technology is for safety and so it is highly recommended for garage door openers.

    1. Updated Security

    Upgrading your garage door opener is an opportunity to have a better security system.

    Previous openers are prone to hackers because they provide one fixed code that can be easily found.

    Meanwhile, upgraded systems have a so-called “rolling code” feature, which means owners can change their passwords from time to time.

    1. Portable keypad

    New garage door openers offer keypads that you can bring with you so that when you are going home, about to park your car; you won’t have to go down to open the garage.

    You can just enter the code on your keypad (or some features require a fingerprint sensor for better security), and open the door.

    1. “Smart-Home” Technology

    Advanced garage door openers can be connected to your devices whereas, you can open the garage even if you are far from the area.

    You can also see or control some important details such as temperature, camera, light control, and you can program the door lock-down periods.

    Does your garage door have any of these qualities?

    If not, it’s time to upgrade/replace your opener for a better use of it!

    Can I do the Installation by myself?

    Do-it-yourself garage door opener installation is possible depending on your handy capabilities.

    However, it is highly recommended to hire a professional technician who is an expert with garage door installation.

    Knowing that the task requires connecting wires, testing the operation, and other complexities, it would be best to trust the job to a professional who can do the job for about 2 to 3 hours max.

    More so, highly-equipped technicians like the ones we have in  Beaver Garage Doors  can explain to you all the do’s and don’ts, and the special features of your newly installed opener.

    How to Prepare for my Garage Door Installation?

    The installation of garage door opener is not an easy job and can take time when you did not prepare.

    To help you with the crisis, follow these simple steps:

    1. Find the nearest garage door company

    Distance is important as you choose the garage door company who can do the fixings for you.

    Find the nearest company in your area so that you can effortlessly reach them.

    This is crucial as well when the opener that was installed has problems.

    1. Know the Average Cost to Plan your Budget. 

    Based on Home Guide, the average cost to install a garage door opener is between $127 – $199.

    And the average cost of the opener itself is around $120 – $288 USD.

    In total, you can prepare a budget between $247 to $487 USD for the installment.

    1. Prepare the Area of Installation

    Of course, you need to make space and prepare your garage before the appointment.

    For this step, the number one of the list is to clean your garage.

    You would want your garage to look presentable when the technicians come because they will surely need a spacious area to work comfortably.

    Thus, this part requires taking out the car and large equipment, and dusting off the area.

    You can also do a few arrangements to make the job easier for the technicians.

    This part includes making sure the door is balanced, taking out some ladder, and some extra tools for emergencies.

    Safe and Quick Garage Door Opener Installation in Portland

    The nearest and effective garage door company in Portland would be the Beaver Garage Doors Portland. 

    We have been in the service for so long thus, we are highly-trained to perform a fast yet precise and accomplished job in garage door installation or repair.

    Assuring you that the assistance we offer is always quality-based yet affordable!

    Moreover, we have a complete set of tools and wide-range of garage door equipment that you can look over as you choose the most suitable opener for your garage door.

    Plus, we have well-trained and licensed professional technicians who can safely and efficiently perform installation and repair tasks in no time!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Call the Beaver Garage Doors Portland now!

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