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    Heavy duty roll-up commercial garage doors are commonly found in industrial buildings that demand sturdy doors with high functioning cycles.

    It is called heavy duty because it is made of steel and which can sustain more cycles than a standard garage door.

    They are good for keeping valuable products and goods from outside elements such as bad weather or invaders.

    However, even heavy duty garage doors may face damage issues over time either due to aging, big accidents, or environmental disruptions.

    It’s important to learn the common issues a commercial door might have in order to prepare yourself from the taxing repairs.

    A commercial garage door (especially those being used for businesses) cannot risk itself from having defects because it will interrupt the transmission of goods or else it will cost the business.

    That’s why we are here to introduce all the pointers you need to know about Heavy Duty Roll-Up Commercial Gaage Door Repair.

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    We have many services that include repairing and installing heavy duty garage doors.

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    Common Issues of Heavy-Duty Commercial Garage Doors

    Garage doors having damages are inevitable and they are bound to wear out over time even if they are high-quality made.

    Thus, booking a garage door repair service is as important as having a garage door tune-up service.

    The following list consists of the common issues a heavy-duty garage door faces:

    1. Garage door is off-balance – this happens when the door is not leveled evenly and there is a gap when you are closing it.
    1. Loud noises when operating – unusual noises occur when there is small debris trapped in-between the tracks.
    2. The debris can also cause dents and deep scratches on the screws or bolts which eventually damage the whole operation.
    3. Broken or worn-out parts – a garage door won’t be functional with broken or worn-out springs, hinges, rollers, and other parts.
    • A regular check of these parts must be done to repair immediately if there is any issue found.
    1. Uncontrolled shaking and vibration – loose tracks, hinges, springs, and other parts do not only cause loud noises; they can also make the door vibrate intensely like it would break off.
    • The rattling can be a product of broken garage door opener as well because when the door is receiving weird signals, it has a chance to act up and do sort of things like excessive shaking.
    1. Misaligned tracks – this is caused by dented, loose, and rusty tracks.
    • A proper lubrication must be done to prevent the door from stopping in the middle of operation.
    1. Broken garage door opener – this happens when the door starts to portray functions different from the button signals you sent.
    • This must be fixed right away because a broken opener can cause sudden crashing or there is a possibility that you won’t be able to open the garage door anymore.

    These issues may look simple to fix, but they could go worse if they are not handled properly.

    Troubleshooting must be done partnered with immediate garage door repair services to mitigate the damage.

    Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

    Roll-up garage doors repairs are important because this type of service will restore the condition of your garage door into new and more durable.

    And since commercial doors are usually used for industrial businesses; you need to put extra effort in preserving the quality of your garage door.

    Moreover, handling a heavy-duty garage door on your own is a risky move because the door is made in large-scale size and of heavy steel materials.

    Another reason why you should get a service for fixing heavy-duty commercial garage doors is the job requires power tools and dense equipment.

    Thus, trusting the experts and technicians like us, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland won’t fail you from having a premium-quality service.

    Our garage door repair services in Portland include the following:

    • Repairs and Replacement of springs, rollers, hinges, etc.
    • Garage door opener and sensor repair
    • Correcting misaligned tracks
    • Dent repairs and many more.

    Professional and High-Quality Garage Door Repair in Portland

    If your commercial garage door suddenly won’t move properly, has been neglecting the signals you’ve sent, or producing unusual loud noises; there must be a problem with the opener or the garage door parts.

    A proper diagnosis must be done to know the root cause and repair them.

    However, repairing garage door parts on your own can be taxing at some point.

    These issues can be fixed but there is still a chance that the door would require a service repair.

    In that situation, call Beaver Garage Doors Repair for a high-quality and secured service.

    Relying on professional garage door experts would save your energy and time from the complicated repairs.

    Plus, having experts to handle the situation would give you the assurance that your door is safely fixed and won’t face another issue for quite some time.

    Guaranteeing you that only skilled and professional technicians will perform this excellent high-quality garage door repair in Portland.

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