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    Broken Garage Door Opener in Philadelphia

    Does your garage door seem off-balance?

    Is there a rattling sound or unusual noise when it is operating?

    Or does it get stuck halfway when you open and close it?

    Such inconveniences could be a cause of defective garage door tracks.

    Fortunately, there are ways to  fix your tracks as long as you have skills in using hardware tools.

    A defective track can be repaired by garage door track adjustment.

    This can be done at home with proper safety precautions and the right materials.

    But if you are hesitant to do the job on your own, you can always call on Beaver Garage Doors Portland. 

    Our garage door repair services in Portland come with high-quality fixings and competitive prices.

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    For now, allow us to introduce you to these simple instructions in adjusting your garage door tracks.

    Reasons why I need to Align the Garage Door Tracks

    A misaligned garage door can be risky not only to the door itself, but to you as well.

    If the tracks are way too uneven, the door may fall off suddenly while operating and injure someone.

    That’s why it is necessary to regularly check the condition of the tracks, rollers, springs etc., in order to fix small issues right away and avoid worse problems.

    Additionally, garage door tracks that aren’t properly fixed inevitably result to either of these situations:

    1. The door rubbing against the stop molding, making it hard to operate.
    2. A large gap between the stop molding and the door which easily attracts the burglars from breaking in.
    3. An unpleasant appeal because of the crooked or off-balanced door.
    4. The difficulty to open and close the door because of the binding situation

    An off-balance garage door tracks call for unwanted emergencies or mishaps when it is not prevented or cured right away.

    Therefore, you should conduct a troubleshooting or call an expert right away when you notice something off between the tracks.

    Adjusting Tracks to Fix a Binding Garage Door

    Here are some simple steps to follow if you find your garage door binding.

    Just a safety reminder to loosen one track at a time, and make sure that the door is rolled down because it might fall off suddenly.

    Also, when positioning the tracks, use a spirit level for a more accurate measurement.

    1. Use a screwdriver to loosen the track screws.
    2. Then, adjust the position of the track with the rubber mallet that you will use to tap the lower part of the track until the alignment is vertical.
    3. When the perfect vertical position is achieved and the alignment is correct; you can fasten back the screws to make sure it won’t move again.
    4. Then repeat the same process on the other track.

    Adjusting Tracks to Fix a Rubbing or Gapping Garage Door

    Fixing a Rubbing or Gapping Garage Door is doable as long as you know how to loosen and tighten bolts; and have a great sense of measurement.

    To start, remember again our safety precautions which are: keeping the door down and loosening one track at a time.

    1. Remove the bolts on both tracks using a wrench tool.
    2. Then hold the tracks and move from either left or right until there is about ¼ inch or fewer gaps from the rubber molding.

    Do the same on the opposite track and ensure that the gap is the same.

    1. After that, tighten back the track bolts with your wrench, and make sure that the tightening is moderately done, meaning – not too tight and not too loose.

    After following these simple steps, check the garage door and examine how it works.

    You can open and close it a bunch of times just to be sure it is properly operating.

    If not, don’t hesitate to call our team for a professional track adjustment.

    Seek Professional Help for a Proper Track Adjustment

    You can save money when you adjust the garage door tracks on your own.

    However, you save more if you seek professional help for a much proper track adjustment.

    DIY-Track Adjustment is possible but there is a slight risk of injuring yourself or making the damage worse; which we both do not want to happen.

    That’s why we, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland, are here to assist you in your track problems.

    One of our top priorities is the welfare of our customers thus; we have trained our technicians to excellently and precisely correct garage door issues.

    We you that our garage door repair services are all affordable and can be done as quick and efficient as posiible.

    Book Beaver Garage Doors Portland now for a permanent garage door track adjustment!

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