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    Even though your garage door is brand new and in excellent shape, your garage door panels can break or become damaged in a variety of ways.

    Accidents happen no matter what materials you use or how much maintenance you perform.

    When this happens, you will probably need to look into repairing or replacing the panels so that your door can function properly again.

    You will want to get your garage door panel fixed as soon as possible as it can be frustrating.

    Are you trying to figure out how to fix a garage door panel?

    You might be considering replacing that broken or dented panel yourself if you are tired of looking at it.

    Certain situations, however, necessitate the assistance of a professional.

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    We offer a variety of garage door services including, garage door panel repair, garage door maintenance, and garage door installation in Portland.

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    What are the causes of broken garage door panels?

    Wear and tear is the most typical cause of broken garage door panels.

    If you don’t seek regular maintenance on your garage door, whether it is made of steel or wood, the weathering that all garage doors experience can cause significant damage to the door panels.

    Also, these panels may be dented if your car collides with the door or if you damage it while playing sports

    With this, repairs will almost certainly be required, regardless of the cause of the damage.

    What are the advantages of repairing your garage door panels?

    The most efficient method to repair a garage door with one or two obviously damaged parts is to replace broken garage door panels.

    While homeowners can opt to change the worn parts or replace the entire door system, there are various advantages to garage door panel repair, including:

    1. Cost-effective

    Repairing these panels of your garage door is significantly more cost-effective than purchasing an entirely new door system, especially if your door is less than seven years old.

    1. Prevent damages

    Broken garage door panels can lead to system failures and faulty operations of the different components.

    It includes excessive wear and tear on torsion springs, cables, misaligned garage door tracks, and a jammed door.

    1. Increasing visual appeal

    Pristine and well-maintained garage doors can match the character of your property and boost its overall appeal.

    1. Lengthen garage door’s lifespan

    Maintaining the condition of your garage door and minimizing additional wear and strain on components can considerably lengthen the lifespan of your garage door.

    Additionally, it can save you money on untimely replacement costs.

    When should garage door panels be repaired?

    If the damage to your garage door panels is minimal and the door is less than ten years old, you might want to consider repairing them.

    Moreover, when you opt to have these panels repaired, make sure you contact a trustworthy company that specializes in garage door repair in Portland.

    Choosing a reliable yet affordable garage door company reduces the chances that the door repairs will fall short of your expectations.

    When should garage door panels be replaced?

    When your garage door is over twenty years old, you can be confident that it has served you well.

    With this, the best solution is usually to replace the entire garage door.

    If you will just replace one panel, your expenses will be extremely high.

    So, it is best to get a door replacement at this point.

    Is it possible to repair the garage door panel yourself?

    Experts in the garage door business advise against repairing your garage door on your own.

    The garage door spring puts a lot of tension on the garage door panels, which can gravely injure someone who isn’t paying attention.

    If you are still up for the task, you can follow a few steps and exercise utmost caution.

    Otherwise, you can call Beaver Garage Doors Portland for your garage door needs.

    It is better to rely on a trusted, well-trained, and professional garage door company in your area.

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