Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

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    Safety precautions in Torsion Spring Replacement

    Before starting with the replacement, one must be aware of the safety measures given that the procedure is risky and complicated.

    The most basic yet should not be neglected is wearing clear safety goggles.

    The googles will protect your eyes from the dust and small spring parts.

    Second is make sure to disconnect the garage door opener from its power outlet.

    We do not want a sudden movement from the garage door caused by the system.

    Third is to keep a distance from the springs when working.

    When executing the replacement, hold the metal bars on the ends to protect your arms and body from spring pieces that break.

    This method will also allow you to let go and keep your head out if ever the cone slips or explodes when unwinding/winding the springs.

    Always keep in mind these precautions so that the replacement will be smooth and with no injuries.

    Equipment needed for Torsion Spring Replacement

    In replacing a torsion spring, two winding bars in the size of ½” x 18”

    Next are wrenches in sizes of 9/16, ½ and 7/16 inches.

    And also two 10” of vise grips.

    Bring a file and a ruler as well.

    DIY Replacing Garage Door Torsion Spring

    The following procedures are the primary steps in replacing a broken torsion spring:

    Step One

    Hold the winding bar at the end and insert it on one of the holes in the winding cone.

    Then twist it one quarter turn to release the tension in the spring.

    Step Two

    WIth the 9/16-inch and ½-inch wrenches, unloose the torsion springs.

    Step Three

    Take off the old springs by clamping the vice grips.

    This will inhibit the torsion shaft from dropping.

    Step Four

    Unfasten the keys on the broken spring then slide the spring into the end.

    Step Five

    Unfasten the key on the drum too and remove the cable.

    Then slide the drum through the middle of the bar.

    Step Six

    Repeat the step 4 and 5 process on the other garage door side.

    Step Seven

    Now, we will remove the old torsion spring.

    Slide the shaft into the middle part of the garage door.

    After that, take off the drum from the middle part of the bar.

    Repeat the same thing with the other side.

    Step Eight

    Detach the vice grips and fasten the new springs to the center bracket of the shaft.

    Add tension again using the winding bars at approximately thirty quarter turns for a seven-foot door and add three turns for an eight-foot door.

    Step Nine

    Leave the one winding bar in place and lock the keys in about ¾ turn.

    Tighten the drum keys as well when you wind up the cable ends.

    Step Ten

    Once the right tension is set, remove the winding bar and repeat the same process on the other side.

    Average Cost of Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

    On an average scale the replacement of torsion springs is in the range of $70 to $145 per spring.

    This includes the materials and labor.

    It may be a bit high but the benefits are quite rational.

    Considering you won’t have to exhaust yourself in working.

    The mechanics can give recommendations as well on which springs must be fixed and changed.

    Moreover, injuries and accidents can be avoided as an expert will do the job.

    Thus, the replacement will without a doubt be much better and precise.

    Generally speaking, contacting a repairman to handle the replacement is a practical move.

    This is especially true when the springs are older models; as those have high tendencies to fall apart and cause further damage.

    In Emerald Garage Doors, we have skillful mechanics who can deal with any broken springs.

    Aside from that, we offer repair, replacement, and installation at a reasonable price.

    Just contact us; we are always open in Seattle.

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