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    Many reasons cause a garage door to not function properly.

    One of the components that can contribute to its faulty mechanism is a malfunctioning garage door opener.

    If it does not work correctly, does not open or close all the way, you may need to check if the opener is the source of the problem.

    However, before you decide to fix your garage door opener, you have to know the usual problems that come with it.

    Hence, we will discuss when you need a garage door opener repair.

    Blocked Photo Eye

    All modern garage doors have photo eyes installed on either side to detect any person or object in the line of sight.

    This allows the photo-eye to signal the garage door opener to stay open when there’s an obstruction or close all the way if no object is detected.

    If your garage door is not functioning upon using your remote, check its condition first.

    If it’s in good condition, inspect if dust or dirt obstructs the eye, which blocks the light beam that detects the object.

    You can solve this by cleaning the surface with a clean cloth.

    Disrupted Power Source

    Let’s be honest.

    Sometimes we forget to plug the power source of a garage door opener.

    It may sound ridiculous, but it happens.

    Before you blame the other parts of the garage door, make sure to check if the power source is plugged into an outlet.

    Also, check if the fuse, GFCI, or circuit breaker is in good condition. If not, hire an electrician to fix them.

    Burn Out Motor

    Sometimes, a garage door motor might be overworking as usual.

    This happens probably due to its old age, or some part of your garage door is causing it to burn out.

    Make sure to inspect the parts that are affecting the garage door motor.

    If nothing is unusual upon your inspection, you need to check the condition of your motor.

    To make sure, call Beaver Garage Doors Portland to take a look at your motor.

    In this way, we will identify the cause and the action to take to fix it.

    In most cases, a replacement will do when it comes to a burnout motor.

    Malfunctioning Antenna

    If you recently bought a new remote and battery, and your garage door won’t still function – maybe it’s time to take a look at your antenna.

    Make sure that it’s positioned downward to pick up the signal coming from the remote.

    Opener’s Sensitivity Needs Adjustment

    There are some adjustments to make, especially if you have a new garage door.

    If the opener’s sensitivity is set too low or too high, the door won’t open.

    Make sure to read the manual to reset the sensitivity settings.

    You can also adjust the limit switch and close force to correct the levels.

    This should allow you to adjust the sensitivity successfully.

    Faulty Remote Control

    Sometimes, a garage door that does not operate typically means a malfunctioning remote control.

    There are a few things that might contribute to this problem, such as:

    1. You might be using the remote that is out of range from the antenna.
    2. The antenna hanging above the opener might be broken or blocked from the signal. Make sure to hang it down from the motor.
    3. Check if the door opens with a wall switch. If it does, make sure to check the battery of the remote. A battery change might do the trick.
    4. Reprogram the remote according to the instruction manual.

    Other Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

    If you have inspected every component of your garage door opener and your door still won’t work, then the culprit might be the other parts.

    Most often, it is due to an off-track door that allows your door to slide improperly.

    To fix this issue, make sure the garage door is running smoothly along the track.

    Then, check if the track has bends, gaps, bumps, or obstacles.

    Also, if you hear the sound of friction or your door gets stuck along the way, the track is misaligned.

    To repair the tracks, loosen the screws holding them in place.

    Then, gently position it to its proper place.

    Lastly, tighten the screws using a level and rubber mallet.

    Fix You Opener With Beaver Garage Doors Portland!

    We know identifying the cause of a malfunctioning garage door can be overwhelming, especially for homeowners.

    For this reason, you should leave the inspection and garage door opener repair with Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    Aside from garage door repair in Portland, we also offer garage door installation in Portland, spring repair, cable repair, and panel replacement.

    Let us inspect your garage door, and we’ll fix it in no time!

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