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    The garage door you choose for your property has a significant impact on its market value.

    Choosing the right door not just offers security but also enhances the curb appeal of your home.

    The walk through garage door, sometimes known as the “pedestrian” door, is one of the most popular garage door trends on the Internet.

    With a walk through garage door, you will be able to walk through a part of your garage without having to lift the entire garage door.

    Plus, when you open your garage door, you won’t have to let in all that chilly or warm air.

    And most especially, the unmistakable hum of a 34 horsepower motor pulling or pushing your garage door down its rails will not be audible anymore.

    To help you determine the style, kind, and size of the garage door that will complement your property while meeting your demands at a reasonable price, Beaver Garage Doors Portland is your go-to expert.

    Once you have made your selection we will make sure your choice is implemented with the utmost care.

    Additionally, with time and regular use, wear and tear will be unavoidable following your garage door installation.

    With this, we also provide garage door repair in Portland to fulfill your needs and keep your garage door in good working order.

    To start your walk through garage door installation and repair, contact us for a FREE quote.

    What is a walk-through garage door?

    A walk through garage door is essentially a standard garage door with a pedestrian access door installed.

    The pedestrian door’s purpose is to save you from having to roll up your full garage door to get into your garage or access your home.

    Commercial and industrial garage doors can also benefit from walk through doors, especially if they can only be opened manually.

    With sufficient insulation, a little access door is also more energy-efficient and will save you money.

    Make sure your walk through garage door is equipped with an electric garage door opener to ensure your safety.

    If the pedestrian door is not entirely closed, these systems contain a blocking mechanism that prevents the entire garage door from opening.

    Why should you consider a walk through garage door?

    A walk through garage door can be useful if your garage is located in the basement of your home.

    Because of the architecture of a basement garage, you can only access your garage through the garage door.

    As a result, a pedestrian door can save you energy and money by avoiding the need to open the complete door each time.

    Because there may not be enough side room for a standard doorway in densely populated urban locations, pedestrian doors should be placed.

    You should, however, keep your personal belongings hidden.

    Moreover, if you use your garage for storage rather than parking your car, a pedestrian door can be handy in the event of a long power outage.

    Why should you reconsider using a walk through garage door?

    The most significant disadvantage of purchasing a pedestrian door is the cost of installation.

    As a matter of fact, replacing a single pedestrian door might cost as much as installing a whole garage door system.

    If your garage door has an electric garage door opener, a mechanism must be installed to prevent the remote from activating the door opener while the pedestrian door is open.

    Additionally, walk through doors are not compatible with any door size.

    A minimum width of 8 feet is required.

    If your embossed design is rectangular, this may cause the rectangular placement to be thrown off.

    Adding a pedestrian door lowers the overall energy efficiency of your garage door.

    A garage door’s energy efficiency decreases as the number of openings increases.

    If insulation and weatherproofing are important to you, you should look into other options.

    Have your walk through garage door professionally installed and repaired with us

    We hope that this list of advantages and disadvantages of walk through garage doors has provided you with some insight.

    Beaver Garage Doors Portland is the company to call if you need a professional walk through garage door installation and repair.

    When you are looking for quality garage door repair and garage door installation in Portland, you can rely on us.

    We have professional garage door experts who are highly skilled and well trained to assist you with all of your garage door needs.

    Contact us at your convenience.

    Our friendly customer representatives will gladly take your call.

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