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    Each feature of your home increases the total value of your property.

    A garage door, specifically, contributed to a large portion of its curb appeal.

    It is then important to choose the right company to install the perfect garage door for your home.

    If you are looking for a reliable company, Beaver Garage Doors Portland, an overhead door company of Portland, is the best choice for you.

    We offer a vast selection of garage doors which are specifically designed for security, strength, and safety.

    Our friendly technicians have the proper knowledge and experience to meet the various needs of our customers in Portland and the surrounding areas.

    You can do business with us knowing that your door will work properly while still looking excellent.

    To learn more about our services or to receive a FREE quotation for garage door repair or garage door installation in Portland, contact us today.

    Our Products

    There are many various types of garage doors on the market today.

    But, overhead garage doors are by far the most common choice for individuals in terms of total use and ownership.

    When compared to garage doors that swing out or roll to the side, they are frequently more economical, easy-to-install, and keep your area spacey.

    In addition, overhead garage door repairs are simple to obtain.

    To help you understand and choose the right overhead garage door for you, here are some of  our product options.

    1. Single Panel Overhead Garage Doors

    This door is formed of one solid piece of wood, metal, aluminum, or some other material, as its name suggests.

    Because of the stabilizer spring, you could pull the handle outward on an overhead track, allowing the door to raise effortlessly.

    1. Sectional Garage Doors

    With sectional garage doors, instead of turning the entire length of the door as it is raised, each segment could spin at an edge separately.

    As a result of this feature, the overhead door may be raised straight up without the need for additional front clearance.

    Also, sectional garage doors can be easily insulated, which reduces their cost without making them more difficult to install.

    1. Roller Overhead Garage Doors

    Roller garage doors, which are most commonly found in commercial structures, roll up into a housing right above the garage door frame.

    With this, it eliminates the need for an overhead track and freeing up garage ceiling space.

    Because of their commercial design, these systems are highly sturdy and secure.

    Our Services

    Apart from overhead garage door options, we also provide garage door services to meet your garage door needs.

    From installation to maintenance, we offer a full variety of garage door services.

    1. Garage Door Installation

    If you are considering replacing an old garage door or improving your home’s curb appeal, we have a vast selection of garage doors that you can choose from.

    Just tell us about your requirements; you can count on our team to provide service that respects your home like it’s a part of our lives.

    1. Garage Door Repair

    With time and frequent use, garage doors eventually wear out.

    That is why, we provide repair and replacement of garage door components, including openers, springs, rollers, panels, and more.

    If you can’t identify the problem with your garage door, our well-trained and highly-skilled technicians can visit you anytime to diagnose the problem.

    Our vehicles are equipped with a full variety of components, allowing us to repair your garage door in a single visit.

    1. Garage Door Maintenance

    To maintain the optimal condition of your garage door, it is beneficial to give it proper and regular maintenance.

    Our extensive maintenance services can help identify any potential difficulties with your working garage door system.

    We also recommend any necessary repairs before they become a pricey problem.

    Our Company

    When you are looking for the overhead garage door company of Portland which embodies professionalism, excellence, and integrity, look no further.

    Beaver Garage Doors Portland offers overhead garage door options and services to suit your needs.

    If you want a  high-quality, one-of-a-kind door to call your own, contact us anytime.

    Allow us to develop a fully personalized door that will set your property apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

    If you are in need of garage door repair and garage door installation in Portland, call us to book an appointment.

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