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    Many individuals consider their garage door to be an important part of their home because they utilize it on a daily basis whether leaving or coming home.

    With this, garage doors are frequently subjected to daily wear and tear, which can put a strain on the doors internal mechanisms.

    Damage to your garage door is detrimental in terms of both appearance and functionality.

    Although only one panel is broken, the entire effect is disrupted, thus it is worth repairing as quickly as possible if it is damaged.

    In this way, your garage door will regain all of its functions and will once again serve as an attractive adornment and a deterrent to both extreme weather and intruders.

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    Panel Refurbishment

    When a garage door panel breaks, you usually have two choices: repair it or replace it.

    Which option you choose will be determined by a number of criteria you must examine.

    When deciding whether to replace or repair a garage door panel, homeowners should think about the following considerations.

    1. What is the age of the door

    One of several things you should think about is the age of the door.

    When your garage door is over twenty years old, it has most likely served you well.

    The best option when deciding whether to repair or replace, is usually to replace the entire overhead garage door.

    If your door is less than ten years old, on the other hand, you should consider repairing the panel.

    Unfortunately, finding one panel that matches your door may be difficult.

    The alternative option is to repaint the entire door or just the new panel.

    For the ideal approach, you can speak with the experts.

    1. Extent of the damage

    Another important factor to consider when selecting whether to repair or replace the panel is the extent of the damage.

    A little filler and paint may be all you need to repair minor damage caused by a mild collision or tiny debris.

    However, if you backed your car into the garage or there was a major storm, the damage will most likely be more extensive than a little scratch.

    1. Safety

    Remember to keep safety in mind when assessing costs and advantages.

    Do not continue to open and close your garage door if there is any damage until you can repair or replace it.

    If you do not take care of a small garage door panel repair right away, it can become more serious.

    Is It Possible to Replace One Garage Door Panel?

    If a garage door has been damaged in a minor accident but just one or two panels have been damaged, garage door panel replacement may be an option.

    Replacing just one or two garage door panels is frequently a more simple and cost-effective option for garage door repair.

    However, it may be difficult to find a single panel that matches your door.

    Although it is feasible to replace a complete garage door, in most cases of minor damage or wear and tear, it is not necessary.

    In fact, a garage door can survive for about ten years before needing to be replaced by a professional.

    Whole garage door replacement is usually reserved for more serious issues and only when absolutely necessary to extend the life of your current garage door and save you money.

    Is it Possible to Replace a Garage Door Panel Yourself?

    Is it possible to purchase garage door replacement panels?

    Yes, however it is critical to have a professional replace them for the greatest results.

    Garage doors can be extremely complicated and difficult to install, to the point where anyone less than a professional should avoid doing it.

    When it comes to fixing your garage door, you will need the help of a garage door specialist to figure out what will work best.

    For a safe and efficient one panel garage door repair in Portland, you can count on Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    We will be able to provide you with the guidance you need to make the right decision for your garage door based on our years of experience in the garage door industry.

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