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    Garage Door Repair services and costs In Hillsboro

    As we all know, installing new garage doors can be costly investments.

    They can’t be neglected as they are the largest door of your house and have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years.

    That’s why when purchasing a new garage door, you need to consider all the factors such as: design, material, functions, style, etc.

    You need to take your time to look for a garage door that enhances the curb of your house and provides enough safety from external elements.

    If you are interested in installing a new garage door in Portland, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland is the place to go!

    We are made of a talented and skillful team of technicians.

    You can read this article about installing a new garage door to know the important factors to consider when buying one.

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    Reasons for Buying a New Garage Door

    Replacing your old garage door into a new one is not an easy job.

    It can be costly in terms of time and expenses, thus, you need to make sure first whether it’s worth having a new one or you can settle with your current garage door.

    We got that covered for you because here is a list of the reasons for buying a new garage door:

    1. Poor functionality – it is normal to have wears and tears on your garage door, but a badly damaged one needs replacement.
    2. New style of the house – it is better to install a new garage door with a built based on your taste if you are planning to renovate your house.
    3. Updated technology – modern garage doors have updated sensors, security systems, and multi-features; buying a new one with upgraded technology is an excellent choice if you want a more secured and safer place.
    4. Wrecked panels – ruined panels and other garage door parts is a great opportunity to install a new one because you can change the style, upgrade the system, and choose the type of material for durability.
    5. Old age – if your aged garage door has been declining for years and is deteriorating already, it’s time to replace it and install a new one for better function and speed.

    If one of these qualities ticks off your garage door, it is best to start planning for an incoming garage door installation.

    New garage doors will benefit you in terms of:

    • Updated security system
    • Minimal noise when operating
    • New technology for adjusting the speed
    • Better reception of garage door opener
    • Enhanced Appearance and Curb

    Important things you need to know before buying a new garage doors

    Improvements are what you’re looking for when buying a new garage door.

    You need to check out what type of garage door will bring change to the appearance of your house and has an immediate return of investment.

    Here are helpful tips to consider before purchasing a new one.

    1. Know the primary function of your garage door
    • Think about where you will use the door.
    • Is it for your vehicles alone?
    • Or do you want to use it as the main entryway of your house?
    • This will guide you in knowing which type and what size your garage door will be.
    • There are two types of garage doors: Residential Garage Doors and Commercial Garage Doors
    • The residential has the standard size and is commonly used in houses, stores, or gyms, while the commercial has bigger size and is used for business industries (parking of trucks or storing goods and products).
    • However, commercial garage doors can be used for houses as well if you want to invest in large-scale garage doors for better appearance.
    1. Does appearance matter?
    • As mentioned, garage doors are a great investment in improving the curb of your house.
    • If you are thinking about selling your house in the future, having a well-styled garage door will increase its value whereas, you will get bigger deals in selling.
    • Thus, it’s important to consider your options when it comes to design and styles.
    • There are three styles of garage doors: contemporary, modern, and carriage.
    • The contemporary consists of panels and windows which can be altered in terms of color and material.
    • Modern garage doors are commonly made of glass or aluminum that shows more natural light; it doesn’t have a concrete style because its design is usually based on what the client wants as long as the look is modernized.
    • While the old carriage is like an old American style, usually made of rich wood materials and its design is fitted for mansions or big houses.
    1. Consider your budget and the price of garage doors
    • It is wise to learn your budget first before purchasing a new garage door and picking out the materials.
    • The average cost of garage door installation is $1,150.00 USD.
    • It may be expensive, but we prefer professional technicians to install your garage door for better quality and for your own safety as well.

    The Best Garage Door Installation in Portland

    Hiring a garage door expert is better than doing it on your own to ensure safety and proper installation

    Installing a new garage door in Portland is not a problem because we have the best garage door company in town!

    The Beaver Garage Doors Portland has the most reliable technicians and customer service who can assist in all of your garage door concerns.

    We install and build each door with the highest standards because we believe that our customers deserve excellent materials as well as service.

    Call us today so we can talk about your ideal garage door!

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