How To Open A Stuck Garage Door From The Outside

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    The uncertainty of life drives people to seek comfort.

    Thus, the invention of technology begins.

    One of these inventions that improves people’s lives is automatic garage doors.

    Automatic garage doors are designed to provide security as well as luxury to the home.

    But, unexpected events occur precisely when you believe your life is simple and convenient.

    The convenience of having an automatic garage door isn’t meant to last forever.

    Due to a power outage or jammed doors, you may have to manually open your garage door at times.

    When caught up in this situation but you do not know how to open a stuck garage door from the outside, don’t worry!

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    What causes a jammed or stuck garage door?

    Before you begin, you should identify and comprehend the various causes of a stuck garage door.

    Understanding the causes of a stuck garage door can help you repair it quickly, avoiding unnecessary delay and panic.

    Though the cause of jammed doors varies depending on the situation, the following are the most common.

    1. The presence of an obstruction

    Check the garage door sensor for any issues.

    It could have detected an obstruction that kept it from closing or opening.

    1. Broken garage door springs

    A garage door that is stuck is not always the result of an obstruction.

    When it comes to opening the door, the garage door springs do the majority of the work.

    As a result of time and frequent use, it may show signs of wear and tear.

    Check your springs for a break.

    When the springs fail, the door can jam, which is extremely dangerous.

    1. Damaged garage door track

    In addition to the spring, the garage door track is in charge of heavy lifting.

    As your garage door ages, the track can become damaged, resulting in a stuck door.

    The track may bend or crack as a result of repeated use and pressure.

    Check the garage door for any cracks that could have caused it to become stuck.

    1. Rust accumulation in garage door rollers

    With frequent use, rust accumulates in the rollers.

    Lubricating your garage door rollers will ensure a smooth operation.

    What is the best way to open a stuck garage door from the outside?

    Garage doors can develop problems as they age, even with regular inspection and maintenance.

    If you follow these simple instructions, you can open your jammed door from the outside without incurring damages.

    This is how to open a stuck garage door from the outside.

    STEP 1: Make sure to completely close your garage door

    Before attempting to open your garage door, make sure it is completely closed.

    If you try to disengage the opener while the door is open, the door may crash to the ground, which can be dangerous.

    STEP 2: Look for the emergency key release

    To locate the emergency key release, look for a small lock in the top center of your garage door.

    STEP 3: Unlock the emergency key release

    The lock is connected to a cord located inside the garage.

    This is the emergency release cord.

    To reveal the cord, turn the key and pull out the lock tumbler.

    STEP 4: Pull the emergency release cord

    Pull the emergency release cord from the lock tumbler opening.

    When you hear a click, your garage door has been successfully disconnected from the opener, indicating that it is now in manual mode.

    You can now manually open the garage door with this.

    STEP 5: Lift your garage door

    Your garage door is now unlocked after you complete the steps outlined above.

    Lift the garage door all the way up and double-check that it is completely open before driving under it.

    STEP 6: Close your garage door

    Once you have parked your car inside, make sure to close your garage door.

    STEP 7: Call for a professional

    The solution does not end with knowing how to open a stuck garage door.

    To get your door back in automatic mode and in good working order, you should seek the assistance of a professional.

    A stuck garage could be the result of a more serious issue, such as a broken spring.

    When spring breaks, it can be extremely dangerous, resulting in property damage and bodily injuries.

    So, you must immediately contact a professional repair technician before it is too late to correct the problem.

    Beaver Garage Doors Portland provides quick and dependable garage door repair in Portland.

    We provide comprehensive garage door services at a reasonable price.

    Contact us at your convenience and our staff is ready to take your call.

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