How To Fix A Jerky Garage Door

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Springs and Cables

    It’s always nice to get home, park your vehicle in a smooth and hassle-free way.

    Having a high-functioning garage door has a huge part in making this come true.

    Garage doors are essential in our daily lives because they serve as entryways for our vehicles and for some people; the garage door is their main entrance as well.

    However, there is a tendency when a garage door jerks or becomes uneven due to aging or inconsistent maintenance service.

    There is no need to panic in those situations because a malfunctioning garage door is normal.

    A jerking or shaking garage door is commonly caused by dirt or small debris stuck in-between the trucks.

    This can be handled easily with just the right instructions and so we are here to explain to you how to fix a jerky garage door.

    And if you have more questions or your door is badly damaged, you can reach us anytime.

    We are the Beaver Garage Doors Portland, the experts in all garage door repairs in Portland.

    Main reasons why your garage door jerks

    As mentioned, jerking is usually due to the debris found within the tracks.

    And sometimes, when the tracks are damaged, it can also cause excessive vibration of the garage door.

    In order to handle the situation, you must be aware of the main reasons why your garage door jerks.

    This will guide you in avoiding wrong practices and help you do the appropriate care needed for the door to work properly.

    Number one reason is neglecting to clean or wash your garage door which eventually results in debris or leaves getting stuck in between the tracks or roller and causing the vibration.

    Aside from that, damaged rollers and hardware due to insufficient lubrication may cause loud banging or squeaking of the door.

    Thirdly, some garage door parts like hinges or pulleys are not properly fixed/adjusted.

    With all the stress and tension a garage door feels daily; there’s a bigger chance for the parts to wear out or get loose resulting in excessive shaking during the operation.

    Guide on how to fix a jerky garage door

    Here is a simple guide to fix when your garage door shakes excessively when operating.

    If you have skills and are handy enough, follow these simple steps!

    1. Remove the dirt and small debris
    • The first thing to check is if the tracks or rollers and other hardware parts are clean and do not have small rocks in-between the corners.
    • You can use a lin-tfree cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to remove the dirt.
    • Use a headlight as well to see clearly the blockages and wipe them accordingly.
    • Then wash the parts with a clean water
    • Open the garage door and check if the jerking stops.
    1. Tighten loose screws and/or bolts
    • Inspect the tracks and rollers to see if there are loose screws.
    • Grab a flat-head screwdriver to adjust and fasten them.
    1. Get rid of the rust on the hardware parts
    • As we’ve said, insufficient lubrication can cause rusts on the metal parts which eventually affects the operation.
    • You can use a wire brush and vinegar for a DIY method of removing the rust.
    • And for a better function, apply lubricant as well on the metal parts to smooth things over.
    1. Deal with broken rollers and springs
    • If you notice tears or damages on the rollers and torsion springs, we recommend you call a technician to perform an inspection and promptly fix the issue.

    After doing all the troubleshooting steps provided, try opening your garage door and carefully observe if the jerking stops.

    If you notice some shaking still, do not hesitate to call an expert to examine your garage door and repair them immediately.

    Make the Jerking stops with Beaver Garage Doors Portland

    A jerking garage door may cause accidents or more damage to the parts when it is neglected.

    That is why having regular garage door repair and maintenance is highly necessary to mitigate small issues right away and prevent them from coming back.

    With Beaver Garage Doors Portland, the jerking issue of your garage door will surely take off!

    We conduct the best maintenance service in town with high-quality and prompt fixings.

    You can rely on our licensed and talented technicians to be punctual, focused, and oriented during the inspection and repairs.

    Call us today to make the jerking stop right away!

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