How Do Garage Door Sensors Work

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    To comply with federal rules, all garage door openers now have door sensors installed.

    Therefore, you have garage door sensors if you have an automatic garage door.

    However, despite the fact that garage door sensors are nearly ubiquitous, many people are still unclear of how they work.

    To put it simply, garage door safety sensors are vital in keeping you and your family safe.

    Actually, these safety sensors are intended to avoid untoward incidents that can result in major vehicle damage, as well as injuries and deaths among humans and animals.

    That is why it is crucial to understand their purpose and make sure they are in good operating order.

    So, once your garage door sensors malfunction, you should get them fixed as soon as possible.

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    We care about your family’s safety just as much as we do about our own.

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    How do garage sensors function?

    Do you find yourself searching for answers to questions like “how do garage door sensors work?” on google?

    Don’t worry; we’ll answer your query if you keep reading.

    The garage door sensors consist of two devices, one on each side of the garage door.

    One sensor sends an infrared beam of light, and the second sensor receives it.

    These two sensors work together to form an invisible line across your garage door that detects obstructions.

    The sensors will prevent the garage door from completely closing and reverse its direction once they sense something is blocking the way.

    The sensors can detect children, pets, and other objects.

    The door automatically stops closing and reverses course when the sensors detect an object.

    A safety sensor is an essential component of a working garage door for obvious reasons, and it should be repaired as soon as you find it is not working.

    What are the possible causes and signs garage door sensors are not working?

    Now that you know how garage door sensors function and can answer the question, “How do garage door sensors work?” let’s look into the causes and signs that they aren’t working.

    Garage door safety sensors, like any other technology, will occasionally fail.

    Fortunately, they feature built-in capabilities that alert you to a problem.

    Even though nothing appears to be in its way, if your garage door won’t close all the way, you can usually tell something is amiss.

    It is also possible that your garage door bounces up and down instead of properly opening or closing.

    Your sensors should flash red to warn you of any problems, but it is best to double-check them if your door is acting strangely.

    Safety sensors can fail for a variety of reasons, including:

    1. Misaligned sensors

    Garage door sensors might easily become misaligned due to their low position.

    Blinking lights on one or both sensors indicate that they are out of alignment.

    1. Dirty photo eyes

    The photo eye of the safety sensor is composed of glass, just like a camera lens.

    They are quite little and can quickly become dirty.

    1. Pinched wires

    Your sensors may have pinched wires that cause their voltage to fluctuate, resulting in faulty operation.

    Can garage door sensors be repaired?

    Simple garage door sensor problems can actually be repaired without consulting a technician.

    A gentle, clean cloth is usually all that is required to remove debris from the sensor eye.

    Misalignments can be fixed by bending the sensors back into place or tightening the screws keeping the bracket in place.

    However, if there appears to be no simple fix, a garage door professional can troubleshoot the issue and identify the best line of action to remedy it.

    If you decide to fix the sensor yourself, ensure the area is shaded and the sensors’ power is turned off.

    If you suspect a wiring issue, call a professional.

    When to call a professional?

    If you are having difficulties troubleshooting your garage door safety sensors, contact a garage door professional as soon as possible.

    Safety sensors help to prevent terrible incidents, and any issues with them should be addressed immediately.

    To help you keep your family from injuries and your property from damages, call Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    Schedule a service or contact us for more information to get a safe and efficient garage door repair in Portland.

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