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    A garage roller door is one of the most popular types of garage doors because of the convenience and protection it brings in storing our valuables.

    If you have a garage roller door, you must have known its great qualities especially if you are a business owner.

    It provides protection to your products, trucks, or other business elements you have from invaders and extreme cold/warm weather that may disrupt the quality of your facility.

    It is sturdy and resilient enough to operate several times every day and has a lifespan of 20 years or longer, if maintained accordingly.

    However, a roller garage door still experiences issues and one of the common ones is getting stuck in the middle of the operation.

    There are several reasons as to why a Garage Roller Door struggles in closing or opening all the way through.

    As an owner, it is your responsibility to know all the possible causes and what are the remedies to prevent them.

    However, we, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland, are here to introduce everything you need to know about Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck.

    And if you have more queries, don’t be shy to reach us!

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    Common Reasons Why Garage Door Gets Stuck

    Listed below are the probable reasons why your garage door gets stuck.

    Taking note of these reasons will help you in finding out solutions for your jammed garage doors.

    It also helps in performing preventative measures to avoid the said issue.

    1. Bad Weather Condition

    Whether it is hot or cold, extreme temperatures can negatively cause expanding and contracting of the rails; which eventually result in damage.

    More so, intensive cold weather may cause ice to build up and put pressure on the springs which inevitably causes damage as well.

    The damages on the springs and/or rails will evidently show in your garage door getting stuck.

    A proper adjustment of the opener and replacement of the damage parts would be necessary.

    1. Obstruction on the Opener’s Sensor

    A broken sensor causes malfunctioning on the garage door when it opens or closes.

    The obstruction happens when a thing is blocking the sensors whereas, it will have a hard time reading your instructions through the remote control.

    Keep in mind to always check the sensors and see if it’s cleaned or an object or dust like spider web is blocking the way.

    1. Rusty and/or Dirty Rails

    A garage door that is frequently neglected to clean usually ends up in developing rust and piled up debris in-between the garage door parts.

    And eventually this rust and dirt blockages will prevent the door from closing and opening properly.

    You should examine the rails, hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks; to see for signs of corrosion.

    Clean those parts, sweep the small debris, and apply lubrication for a better operation.

    Dealing with a Garage Door Getting Stuck

    There are simple ways to deal with a jabbed garage door.

    Here are some helpful tips so you can handle the situation properly.

    1. Change the Trolley Carriage

    Replacing the trolley improves the motor system of the garage door.

    To do this, disconnect the motor unit from electricity for safety reasons.

    Don’t forget to turn off the breaker as well.

    Then, pull the emergency handle and manually close the door.

    Use a ladder to reach the trolley and carefully remove it.

    Then, place the new trolley carriage onto the rail and fasten them back to the wall bracket.

    After putting the new rail, turn on the power again, connect the motor back, and check if the new trolley is working.

    1. Inspect the Garage Door Tracks 

    Usually, the tracks have the tendency to bend or be a little uneven due to bad weather.

    Check the tracks for any signs of dents or damage.

    You can easily fix this by using a layer of thick fabric or wood plank to straighten the track.

    If you have no idea how to straighten the tracks, do not hesitate to call an expert or someone who is handy enough.

    1. Check for any signs of broken springs

    Determine if the springs you have are broken or not by looking out for gaps in-betweens.

    If you don’t know where your springs are located, figure out first whether you have a torsion spring or extension spring.

    The torsion spring is located at the top of the door, horizontally while the extension spring is alongside the door, vertically.

    Carefully inspect their condition; see if there are signs of loosening, wearing, or corrosion.

    If yes, remember not to try fixing the problem on your own.

    Repairing broken springs is a little bit complicated, you should call a garage door expert to do the task for you.

    Call for a Professional Help in Portland

    Do not hesitate to call for professional assistance when you are dealing with a garage roller door getting stuck.

    You will definitely need an expert’s advice especially when you are dealing with broken springs, off-track rollers, or chain issues.

    Here in Beaver Garage Doors, we have skillful and talented technicians who can perform high-quality garage door repair.

    We also conduct troubleshooting and prompt fixings if you need assistance in figuring out small issues in your garage door.

    Moreover, we have excellent garage door installation that you can trust if you think your garage door is poorly installed.

    Call Beaver Garage Doors Portland today to resolve the damages in your garage door!

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