Garage Keypad Blinking Rapidly? Here’s What You Can Do

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    A keypad for your garage door is really useful and convenient.

    By using this, you no longer need keys or a remote.

    You and your family can quickly access the garage just by using a code or a PIN.

    Plus, you can leave your house feeling safe knowing that your residence is only accessible to those with a security code.

    Indeed, a keypad for your garage door is a great luxury.

    However, all keypads, whether manual or wireless, are susceptible to common issues.

    Like any other components of your garage door, your garage keypad may also face some problems.

    You may experience a garage door keypad not working or garage door keypad blinking rapidly.

    But don’t get too worked up!

    You can always contact a garage door company for assistance even with minor repairs.

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    Why is my garage door keypad blinking rapidly?

    The LED light on the door control will constantly blink when the garage door opener is in lock mode.

    For a couple of seconds, hold the button to release the unit from lock mode.

    Note that the lock button may be hidden beneath the push button cover.

    Another reason for rapid blinking of your garage keypad is when PIN is entered incorrectly.

    Re-enter your PIN and try again once the LED stops blinking.

    After the door has started moving, any keypad button will control it for 30 seconds.

    If the red LED blinks rapidly it signals an error.

    The LED will turn off after a few moments, then you can start over.

    How to troubleshoot your faulty garage door keypad?

    Aside from the garage keypad blinking rapidly, you may also face different issues with regards to your garage door keypad.

    It may stop working for no apparent reason.

    So knowing what to do if this happens to you is beneficial.

    To avoid wasting time and energy in breaking into your own home, here are some steps for fixing your garage door opener keypad.

    1. Replace the battery

    It may appear to be simple but it is often overlooked.

    Try replacing the garage door keypad batteries before you start fiddling with altering your garage door code or other difficult fixes.

    If you change the battery and the garage keypad still doesn’t work, you may need to reprogram it.

    You will probably need to clear the memory and reset the PIN.

    1. Look for damaged wiring

    Frayed connections inside the remote are the most typical source of problems with garage door keypads.

    If you are having trouble using one or more specific keys, the problem is most likely due to frayed wiring inside the remote.

    1. Clean the keypad

    A simple cleaning is sometimes all that is needed.

    If keys on your keypad become stuck when you push them, it is likely that you need to clean it thoroughly to remove filth, oil, and debris that can clog the mechanism.

    Using a cloth and some appliance cleaner, clean the outside of your garage door keypad.

    Clean between the keys carefully.

    1. Reset your PIN

    If you can’t open the door from the outside but can close it with the garage code from the inside, your password has probably expired.

    It is time for you to replace your garage door code.

    1. Restart your garage door opener

    If you can’t get your garage door opener keypad to operate or the system is not working properly, you may wish to reboot the entire system as a final resort.

    To reset your garage door opener, simply turn it off and unplug it five times.

    This will erase the data in the memory allowing you to start again

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