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    As we all know, garage doors are necessary in our daily living.

    They do not only serve as entryways for vehicles (and sometimes people), garage doors are also essential for keeping our personal properties safe and sound inside the garage.

    However, the daily utilization of the door can wear or stress them out causing slight issues that most garage doors go through like when a garage door won’t close properly.

    This type of issue definitely makes us feel uneasy and frustrated because our valuables kept inside are exposed to outside elements such as invaders, rainfall, or cold temperatures.

    Ordinarily, a garage door with closing issues can be fixed simply on your own, but there are fixtures that will require a technician to handle.

    To get a secured and high-quality repair, you should call us, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland. 

    We offer the finest and most reliable garage door repair in town so do not hesitate to book us.

    But for now, allow us to introduce how to solve and prevent a garage door that won’t close.

    Why does my garage door won’t fully close?

    There are several reasons why your garage door won’t close or stops closing when you instructed it to.

    These issues can be fixed right away on your own, but there are certain causes that will require a technician to diagnose and repair.

    To be aware of such issues, here is a list of the following:

    1. Sensor Obstruction
    •  A garage door has sensors located at the bottom part of it, about 6 inches above the ground as a safety device to protect children or any object that comes in the way of the door when it is closing.
    • These sensors have photo-eyes that capture any obstacles and they send signals to the system to automatically stop.
    • However, the sensor can be fragile sometimes and when it does, the garage door will fail to close.
    • This issue can be a cause of dirty sensors, misalignment, or neglected continuous blinking signals.
    1. Empty Batteries 
    • Most of the time, the batteries of the transmitter or remote device that sends signals to the garage door to operate are dead or low.
    • You need to check the batteries and replace them if needed so that your garage door opener won’t stress itself from inconsistent signals.
    1. Misaligned or Damaged Tracks 
    • A dented or out-of-alignment tracks can cause gapping on the door which may turn into a worse condition.
    • We prefer that you contact a technician to repair the damage.
    1. Damaged Springs, Hinges, and Rollers
    • The springs, hinges, and rollers are critical in the operation of garage doors.
    • When they break, there is a chance that the door will crash down making it hard to open or close it.
    • In that situation, you need to call an expert to fix the damage.

    How to Deal with Garage Doors that won’t close

    There is no need to panic when your garage door suddenly gets stuck.

    Just take deep breaths and follow these simple steps to avoid accidents or more damage on the tracks.

    Follow the guide below to ensure your safety while dealing with the garage door.

    Under no circumstances try to pass through the gap between the garage door and the floor.


    • Take a visual inspection and see if there’s anything blocking the sensors.


    • Check if there is any dust or cobweb that covers/blocks the sensors and wipe it away.
    • Be sure that your hands were not under the door to avoid mishaps.


    • If the door still doesn’t move, try pressing the switch on the wall station of the garage door opener and see for changes.
    • When the door closes, do not be complacent yet because you need to seek an electrician or garage door experts to check why the door suddenly stopped moving.


    • Every garage door has a manual cord that can be used by disconnecting the opener first, and pulling the cord.
    • You can ask someone to assist you on this part because you will need to locate the red handle in the opener.
    • For more details, you can check our article about “How to Open Garage Doors Manually”


    • This is the most important step to follow.
    • While there are ways to escape from a garage door that won’t close; the problem is still there if the root cause wasn’t found and repaired.
    • Therefore, seeking assistance from garage door experts is the long-term solution to  your garage door issues.
    • For a sure and dependable garage door repair in Portland; you can call Beaver Garage Doors Portland.
    • Our store is 24/7 ready and we have an emergency repair team who can come to your place in no time to help you with an unexpected garage door incident.
    • Book us today for an easy and fast-paced troubleshooting of your garage door issues!
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