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    How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

    As a homeowner, it is your priority to maintain the condition of your house.

    A garage door may be often neglected but once it malfunctions, you will realize how important it is to conduct regular maintenance on it as well.

    Although garage doors have a lifespan of 10 – 15 years, small issues like broken springs, loose tracks, and sensor obstructions are inevitable.

    You should deal with these issues as soon as possible because they have the tendency to get worse and damage your garage door greatly.

    You can avoid garage door’s worst case scenario by conducting a tune-up at least twice or thrice a year.

    A garage door tune-up is a process where a technician performs a visual inspection of all the working parts of the door.

    The technician pays close attention and examines if there are any signs of cracks, dents, or breakage on the mechanical parts.

    In this way, you can easily find the unnoticeable damages and have the technician repair it right away.

    And immediate repair results in a high functioning garage door with a longer lifespan.

    You may be wondering what else a Garage Door Tune Up could give you.

    Thus, we, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland have prepared this article which consists of the benefits of having a regular tune up to get better services from your garage door.

    And if you are looking for a Garage Door Tune up in Portland, we are the nearest one to meet all of your needs.

    Our company has been in the industry for quite some time and our regular customers can attest to you how effective your tune-up services are.

    Common Reasons Your Garage Door Requires a Tune-Up

    Your garage door still undergoes stress and tension that may result in damages.

    And these types of small damages don’t show evident symptoms that’s why we rely on experts to do the inspection for us.

    Besides, the goal of a garage door tune-up is to determine potential issues before it gets worse to prevent our customers from having to spend large expenses.

    Here are some more specific reasons why your garage door needs a tune-up:

    1. Eliminate loud noises caused by loose parts and/or small debris in-between the tracks.
    2. Protect the door from Environmental Disturbance – which can cause cracks on the springs or dents on the tracks – by making the door more sturdy through adjustment and proper lubrication.
    3. Improve the opening and closing of the door by determining any signs of insufficient lubrication or broken weather seals, and repairing them immediately.
    4. Determine if the garage door has loose screws, bolts, and other accessories; and adjust/tighten them accordingly.
    5. Examine if there is any interference or obstruction that may damage the garage door opener and troubleshoot them right away.

    Average Price of Garage Door Tune-Up

    Garage door tune-up comes with prompt fixings to eliminate the damages on the parts.

    Thus, there is no fixed price for a garage door tune-up because it depends on the amount of repairs or replacement that will be performed.

    However, the National Average Cost for garage door repairs is $270 USD.

    It can go as low as $80 USD and the maximum cost would be $800 USD.

    If you have a regular garage door tune-up the prices range only for about $100 to $300 USD because you have maintained the condition of your garage door properly hence, less damages and repairs.

    We recommend that you should book a tune-up on a regular basis, at least twice a year to save more money.

    It may look costly at first but in the long run, you will see minimal to none malfunctioning from your garage door.

    If you worry about the expenses, you can discuss it with our staff who are one call away, and would be happy to explain to you all of the benefits of having a regular tune-up.

    Reliable Garage Door Tune-Up in Portland

    As mentioned, garage doors are bound to work on a daily basis and so it is impossible that they won’t experience defects and failures.

    That’s why it is definitely worth it having a tune up on a customary basis which is twice a year.

    Here in Portland, Beaver Garage Doors performs the most efficient and safest Garage Door Tune-Up.

    The maintenance services we have are done by only our competent and skillful technicians who can conduct prompt garage door repairs with high quality standards in Portland.

    Our Maintenance Services include the following:

    • Thorough Inspection of the Garage Door and its Components
    • Check-up on the Weather Seals and Springs
    • Conduct a Proper Safety Test
    • Replacement of Batteries, Bulbs, and Seals
    • In-depth Cleaning of the Garage Door and its Parts

    We also offer services such as fixing dents, adjusting accessories, and painting of panels.

    If you have a request for additional services, you can freely discuss it with our team and we will gladly assist you on that matter.

    So hire us today to maintain your garage door as good as new!

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