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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Springs are certainly the unsung heroes of your garage door.

    In fact, they do all of the heavy lifting, while the garage door opener acts as a regulator, allowing for smooth and pleasant downward or upward movement.

    While these components are extremely tough and durable, even the toughest of them will wear out and need to be replaced after years of continuous use.

    With proper knowledge, skills, and tools, you can take the damaged spring off and replace it on your own.

    To ensure your safety, however, you must know what you are doing as it poses a number of efficiency risks.

    So, if garage door spring installation seems to be an unnerving task for you, don’t worry!

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    Our team uses high-quality, long-lasting materials to ensure that you can enjoy your garage door springs for a long time.

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    Garage Door Springs

    Have you ever wondered what garage door springs are?

    Well, garage door springs are basically large wire coils.

    They are responsible for the heavy lifting when it comes to opening your door.

    Moreover, they provide necessary support to the opener and cables when opening the door and also assist in gently lowering it.

    With correctly installed springs, you only need to manually move the door upward or downward a few inches before the springs take over.

    Likewise, automatic garage door openers will start the door for you, but the springs will still do the lifting and lowering.

    Types of Garage Door Springs

    In essence, garage door springs are divided into two types: extension springs and torsion springs.

    Each of them operates differently; therefore, it is critical that you understand how they work.

    By knowing this, you can properly determine whether a garage door springs needs to be replaced.

    1. Torsion Springs

    These are tough springs that are usually attached to the metal rod that runs alongside to the garage door, just above the opening.

    Torsion springs are essentially mounted against the wall above  your garage door.

    As the door raises and lowers, torsion springs can store energy by firmly coiling.

    The torsion spring accumulates a lot of energy when your garage door is closed.

    It is then released once you open the garage door.

    1. Extension Springs

    These are lengthy, light-weight springs that run perpendicular to the garage door.

    They are frequently installed above the horizontal sections of the door tracks.

    Between these tracks and your garage ceiling are extension springs.

    These springs typically store enough energy by stretching as the door closes and then releasing it when the door opens.

    Signs That You Need Garage Door Spring Installation

    Before deteriorating or failing, a standard spring can help raise the door 10,000 times.

    That is approximately ten years at three raises per day.

    Garage door springs, on the other hand, eventually wear out.

    When this occurs, they must be replaced.

    Check your door springs on a regular basis.

    Consider installing a new one once they show the following signs.

    1. When the Door is Heavy

    When you try to open a garage door with a broken spring, your opener will struggle or fail.

    The door may only lift a few inches and then fall due to a safety function incorporated into the garage door opener.

    This feature regulates opener’s strength to avoid damages from excessive weight.

    Springs that are in good working order sustain the weight of the door.

    However, if your garage door seems heavy, it may point to a broken spring.

    1. When you Hear a Loud Noise

    You might hear a sound in your garage that sounds like a dropped wooden box, a blown fuse box, or a collision.

    But, it is more than likely the garage door spring breaking.

    The coiled spring unravels and fiercely spins around the shaft when the torsion spring breaks.

    As a result, there is a big bang!

    1. When the Door Won’t Open Smoothly

    A crooked door, whether it has regular or extended springs, is a dangerous sign that, if left unchecked, can lead to other problems.

    As previously stated, extension springs are situated perpendicular to the garage door on both sides, while torsion garage door springs are located above the garage door.

    If the spring wears out or breaks, the door may become uneven, necessitating the replacement of both.

    Garage Door Company to Reach Out To

    A damaged garage door spring is a major hassle, especially if you park in the garage.

    You can easily replace broken garage door springs yourself if you have the right tools and experience.

    However, you must take precautions to protect your safety.

    If installing garage door springs sounds too difficult, you can always turn to the experts.

    When it comes to reliable garage door repair in Portland, Beaver Garage Doors Portland is the best option.

    Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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