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    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Have you ever gone home to discover that your garage door remains open, despite the fact that you believed you had closed it before leaving?

    Have you ever heard your garage door open without your help from the comfort of your own home and wondered how it did it?

    So, when the familiar buzz wakes you up in the middle of the night, you run to apprehend the perpetrator, but no one is there.

    Seeing your garage door wide open upon waking up, or finding out that your garage door opener operates when you are alone inside the house can be a frightening experience.

    But, no, it is not what you think it is.

    Your home is not haunted by Casper or Poltergeist.

    Garage doors that seem to have a mind of their own are considered to be in “Phantom Operation”.

    As it can cause you unnecessary tension as well as pose a security issue, it should be dealt with right away.

    To assist you with your garage door phantom opening, call Beaver Garage Doors Portland for a reliable garage door repair in Portland.

    We will assist you in identifying the issue and restoring security to your house.

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    What are Phantom Operations?

    Garage door phantom opening can happen anytime and to anyone.

    Usually, it is caused by a short in the transmitter of your garage door opener.

    A short of some kind is almost always present in an old, broken, or overused transmitter.

    The wiring may have gotten loose or damaged in some way, causing your garage door to emit phantom signals.

    Your wall or key-ring transmitter, on the other hand, does not send signals on its own.

    It still requires triggers, which could range from lightning to military equipment transmitting on the same frequency.

    At any time, a power surge might open your garage door.

    What are the reasons your garage door is opening by itself?

    Your garage door is supposed to open and close when you tell it to, but what if it starts opening on its own?

    Here are a few reasons for garage door phantom opening.

    1. Electrical Malfunction

    Because garage doors are powered by electricity, the most typical reason for phantom operation is an electrical malfunction.

    During storms, electrical surges may damage the transmitter, or a short in the circuit board may occur.

    Shorts can also occur in wiring, wall buttons, and remote openers.

    1. Defective Garage Door Remote

    Garage opener remotes that are defective or have run out of batteries may send out random signals, which causes the door to open when it shouldn’t.

    It is also possible that leaving your remote in a cluttered drawer will allow it to be activated accidently.

    1. Offending Equipment

    Another rare but plausible reason is equipment in the house or at a neighboring site that operates at the same frequency as your garage door.

    Since determining whether this is happening might be difficult, it is best to clear out other possibilities before hunting for the offending equipment.

    What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of the Phantom?

    If you’ve discovered your garage door is open when it shouldn’t be, and you have discovered it multiple times, there are a few home cures you can try:

    1. Modifying the code

    If you have an older transmitter, a simple code update may be all that is required to solve the problem.

    Change the code on the code wheel by opening up the lid.

    Remember to repeat the procedure with the opener installed above the garage door.

    1. Turn off the electricity to your garage door opener

    This is a bit extreme, but it is a good solution if you have to leave for work before you can make repairs.

    You will need to call a professional if you can’t get rid of the ghost with a fresh code or a button repair.

    In the meanwhile, this solution will keep your garage closed and secure.

    1. Replace the transmitter

    The best approach regarding this matter is to replace the transmitter as soon as possible.

    However, there is always the possibility that it will fail again.

    Instead, you might want to consider replacing your entire garage door.

    Newer versions feature more improved technology, which means they will not wear out as quickly.

    And, when they do, phantom operations will be less likely.

    Your Team of Garage Door Technicians in Portland

    If you can’t figure out what is causing your garage door phantom opening, get an expert to investigate and resolve the issue.

    At Beaver Garage Door Portland, we understand how aggravating garage door issues may be.

    Give us a call for a dependable garage door repair in Portland.

    Our experts will examine the issue and resolve it swiftly to avoid further inconvenience.

    By obtaining a quote or scheduling repairs today, we can help you reclaim your home’s sanity.

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