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    Warehouse Garage Door Repair & Installation

     Needless to say, a garage door is an important feature of every home.

    Aside from it improves the curb appeal of your property; it also provides additional security and convenience for you and your family.

    However, it is often overlooked until it stops working properly.

    Having to utilize the garage doors numerous times a day, you may be putting a lot more stress on it than you think.

    As a result, faulty operations and mechanisms occur.

    One issue that could suggest a problem with the mechanism is a ghost-opening garage door or when your garage door opens by itself.

    It may seem ghostly but it should be addressed immediately because it might cause you additional stress and offer a security risk.

    To assist you with your ghost-opening garage door, you may rely on Beaver Garage Doors Portland’s dependable services.

    We provide a variety of garage door services from garage door installation to garage door repair in Portland.

    We guarantee that our professional garage door technicians will assist you in detecting the issue and restoring your home’s security.

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    Garage Door in Phantom Operation

    “Phantom Operation” refers to garage doors that act as if they have their own mind.

    A short in your garage door opener’s transmitter is usually to blame.

    In an old, broken, or abused transmitter, a short of some kind is usually always present.

    Your garage door may be emitting phantom signals because the wiring has become loose or damaged in some way.

    Possible Reasons Your Garage Door is Opening By Itself

    Finding your garage door suddenly wide open in the morning or hearing it pull up open when no one is home might be unnerving.

    A garage door that opens by itself can not only appear scary, but it can also pose a security risk by exposing your property.

    Here are some of the reasons why your garage door opens by itself.

    Worn out batteries

    Aged batteries in your garage door remote could be the problem.

    As old batteries can create issues, the most common of which is random door opening.

    Malfunctioning remote control

    A malfunctioning remote control may transmit incorrect signals to the garage door, causing it to open on its own.

    Usually it ends up in dusty pockets, forgotten on outdoor tables, or even smashed on the ground by children as they play.

    Certainly, garage door remotes, as with most remotes, are meant to last, but putting them to these unfriendly conditions on a regular basis will wreak havoc on their inner circuit board.

    Faulty wiring

    Your garage door opener’s wiring can become frayed over time, either as a result of age or as a result of an animal getting into the housing and causing damage.

    If the wiring has caused a short in the electrical system, the door may open and close on its own without warning in either situation.

    If you suspect this is the reason, as with any electrical problems, you should have an expert diagnose and repair the problem.

    Overlapping Wireless Signals

    Overlapping signals are one of the reasons why a garage door opens by itself.

    If it happens that your neighbor’s garage door opener is set to the same code as yours, it will respond each time they input the code.

    Buildup of Debris and Dirt

    If the door begins to close and detects something in its path, it will stop and open again.

    While this sensor is fantastic at keeping you and your vehicle safe, it can be inconvenient at times.

    If you start closing your garage door and the sensor detects a stick, rock, twig, leaves, or any other significant debris, the door will reverse and will not close until the obstruction is removed.

    Unexpected Power Surges

    Unexpected power surges, such as those caused by an electrical storm or a surge to a shared power grid, can cause garage door openers to malfunction and open and close unexpectedly.

    This could be the cause if your problem is unusual or appears to be an unique incidence.

    If your garage door opener was not permanently damaged by the lightning storm or power surge, there may be no need for maintenance.

    The opener will return to regular operation on its own.

    Count on Beaver Garage Doors Portland for a Reliable Garage Door Services

    Once your garage door malfunctions, it can cause considerable disruptions in your daily routine.

    So, if your door keeps opening on its own and you can’t figure out why, it’s time to leave it up to the professionals.

    Regarding that matter, you can rely on Beaver Garage Doors Portland to identify the issue on your garage door.

    With the proper knowledge, skills, and tools, our professional technicians are ready to provide appropriate solutions to any problems with your garage door.

    To schedule your garage door repair in Portland, give us a call today!

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