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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Did you know that 55% of homeowners use their garage doors as their main entryway?

    Yes, garage doors are growing in our society as an essential part of our house.

    It brings several functions such as: storing products and equipment, entryway for vehicles, and now, there are insulated garage doors that provide regulated temperature at home.

    And some owners add special technological features on their garage door to add more functions.

    Moreover, a well-structured and highly functional garage door contributes to your house’s curb appeal.

    If ever you think about selling your house in the future, you can put a higher rate on it.

    Thus, it is important to take your time and know your garage door options if ever you are planning to get a new one.

    But if you are looking for the best Garage Door Installers in Portland, the Beaver Garage Doors Portland would be the answer.

    Here, we give various options of materials, designs, and structures for which type of garage door you would want.

    To know more, see the details below about our garage door installation services.

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    Why do I need to install a New Garage Door?

    Installing a new garage door is an exciting activity because it gives you the opportunity to renovate the curb and design of your house.

    It also gives you the benefit of installing an upgraded security system and updated automatic opener.

    However, planning to get a new garage door is a big decision that must be carefully addressed.

    To carefully address your situation, you need to know the reasons why you need to install a new garage door.

    You can also seek professional advice whether you really need a garage door replacement or just a garage door repair in Portland.

    To help you with that, here is a list of factors you should consider for replacing or installing your new garage door.

    1. Old Age Garage Doors – one of the top choices in increasing the value of your house is to replace your outdated garage door with a modernized and improved one.
    1. Broken Garage Door – check if your broken garage door is worth salvaging or you need a brand new one with no complications at all.
    1. Renovation Purposes – if you are moving into a new house and you want to change the structure and design; consider changing the garage door too to fit perfectly in your style.
    1. Maintenance – a new and modern garage door is easier to clean and maintain than the outdated ones plus, they consume less electric bill.
    1. Small Entryway – it’s hard to maneuver your car when the entryway is too small thus, changing your garage door gives you the chance to resize it into a door more suitable for your vehicle.

    If one of these reasons is present in your garage door, start planning for the installation.

    Wide Selection of Premium-Quality Garage Doors

    In selecting a new garage door, there are three things you should consider before buying.

    These are material, design, and function.

    You should find a garage door company with a wide selection of premium garage doors.

    A garage door that works best has great functionality and curb appeal.

    Beaver Garage Doors can offer you several types of garage doors.

    Whether it’s a residential or commercial garage door, we have several stocks of materials and equipment to build your dream garage door.

    The Materials we offer include:

    1. Steel – low maintenance, durable, and has the lowest price.
    1. Wood – made of exotic woods like mahogany, perfect for mansions or high-end houses.
    1. Vinyl – low maintenance, durable, and ideal for seaside areas because it doesn’t rust easily.
    1. Aluminum – perfect for modern garage homes because of its trendy design options.

    For design, the common options are:

    1. Traditional – classic design using monochromatic rectangular panels where you can change the color and place a window at the top for natural lighting.
    1. Contemporary – this a modern design that uses unique patterns and is usually made of aluminum, steel, glass, or wood.
    1. Carriage House – an Old American or Historic style using a rustic charm of classic garage door.

    For function, there are seven options to choose from:

    • Roll-up
    • Sliding
    • Swing Door
    • Tilt-Up and Down
    • Sectional

    All of these options are attainable in our store.

    And our designs do not limit to the said options, we can install garage doors based on how you like.

    Just describe it to us and we will make it come true.

     Professional and Talented Garage Door Installers

    Hire Beaver Garage Doors Portland to perform the installation for you.

    We have talented and licensed garage door installers who can perform quick yet excellent quality repair and installation.

    Book us today so we can assist you in meeting your garage door dreams and designs.

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