Garage Door Cable Repair

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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Looking for Garage Door Cable Repair Services?

    A garage door cable is an essential part of a garage door.

    However, it’s also one of the most underappreciated components of a garage door.

    Without a garage door cable, it would be useless to operate your garage door.

    In fact, it works together with the springs to allow movement of the door.

    If you probably don’t give it a thought for a while, you might suddenly find a damaged cable that is impossible to fix.

    Therefore, we will discuss if you need a garage door cable repair and when to call a professional to fix the cables for you.

    The Purpose of a Garage Door Cable

    if you’re wondering about a garage door cable, it’s placed on both sides of the door.

    It functions together with the springs and other components to help the door move smoothly and seamlessly.

    These cables are attached to the bottom part of the garage door and drum at both sides of the torsion spring shaft.

    Once the torsion spring rotates the drums, the cables then begin to wrap and unwrap the drum.

    As a result, the garage door lifts and closes smoothly.

    In short, the cables and springs move smoothly despite the heavyweight.

    Because of this, if one cable breaks, it will cause stress to the other cable and other components, leading to a failure of the garage door.

    In addition, the door won’t open evenly, causing strain to other components such as springs, tracks, and rollers.

    Fortunately, performing a garage door cable repair is more manageable than fixing springs.

    However, it’s safer to let a professional garage door repair in Portland, such as Beaver Garage Doors Portland, fix the cables.

    How to Determine a Faulty Garage Door Cable

    Before you call us for a garage door cable repair, make sure to spot these signs with your garage door.

    Some of these problems can be a hint if there’s something wrong with your cables.

    The garage door is opening unevenly.

    If your overhead door is not opening evenly, check the motor and springs.

    If the motor is working correctly, while the springs are in good condition, the cables might be the culprit.

    Check the garage door cables for signs of wear and tear before you conclude that they are the culprit for your garage door malfunctioning.

    The garage door is leaning to one side.

    If your garage door is unbalanced or leaning to one side, it might be due to loose cables.

    Sometimes, frayed cables can lead to an unbalanced garage door.

    If you spot loose cables, adjusting them will fix the issue.

    If you’re not sure, leave the job to Beaver Garage Doors Portland.

    Call us to tighten loose cables.

    The garage door is not moving.

    When you have a broken garage door cable, it might lead to the garage door not working at all.

    Make sure to check the garage door motor and remote if it is still functioning.

    If it does, you need to have your garage door checked with a professional to determine the cause of the problem. Call Beaver Garage Doors Portland now!

    The garage door closes too fast.

    A slamming garage door is a safety hazard to you and your family.

    When you have this problem, make sure to call us for garage door repair in Portland.

    Can I Prevent a Broken Garage Door Cable?

    Of course, you can.

    The best way to prevent a damaged cable is to perform a regular inspection on your garage door.

    Doing this will help you to identify minor problems that can be fixed, such as fraying cables.

    To maintain the condition of your cables, keep them clean and dry by removing any debris, dust, and dirt.

    This will keep them from rust.

    Finally, never forget to inspect other components near the cables, such as the pulley system, drum, and springs.

    After all, these components affect each other when one of them is damaged.

    Call Beaver Garage Doors for a garage door installation in Portland!

    Now that you know how to identify a damaged cable, you can call a professional with confidence.

    In this way, you’ll prevent significant problems from popping up that might require a garage door replacement in the future.

    Moreover, it’s important to know that cables are more important than you think.

    Hence, take care of them as early as now.

    If upon inspection you see rusting, apply lubricant right away to allow the door to move smoothly.

    You can also reach us through a call if you want a general check-up, repair, and replacement for your garage door.

    In this way, you’ll ensure that every corner of your garage door is inspected and repaired.

    If you’re in Portland, don’t hesitate to call us!

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